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Top 8 Reasons Why Spirituality is Important

1. Spirituality gives meaning to life.

The spiritual seeker looks beyond the mundane to discover what is sacred in us all. This encourages us to strive towards becoming better people and finding ways to bring more peace, love, and joy into the world. Spirituality opens the mind to an inner awareness that there is something more to life than the physical body and the visible world. We come to realize there are higher levels of perception that change how we see ourselves and others for the better, inducing feelings of inner peace and helping us find our greater purpose. Expanding our awareness of what the human experience means supports self-actualization and the fulfillment of our highest potential.

2. Spirituality guides you to make better choices.

A spiritual orientation to life opens the mind to an unlimited wellspring of higher reason and loving guidance. This higher guidance is inherent and natural within all human beings, but often ignored or discounted until we are willing to question what we think we know, and become willing to move into greater levels of awareness and understanding. This innate higher guidance leads us to make better decisions that serve the highest good because it inspires us to be more caring, forgiving, and loving towards ourselves and others.

3. Spirituality supports your health.

Introspective activities like prayer or meditation quiet the mind, relieve stress, and cultivate peace from within. Meditation is one of the most effective ways to develop a level of mental control that is healing to the body and soul rather than dismissive. Experiencing compassion, forgiveness, peace, and serenity is naturally healing because these states calm the internal systems that affect our bodies, emotions, and thoughts. When a person has developed a sense of internal comfort and well-being, every-day trials and difficulties can be navigated with grace. Studies have shown that contemplative practices can lessen and help resolve physical, emotional, and mental health issues; particularly those related to stress, chronic pain, addiction, and depression.

4. Spirituality heightens inspiration and heals perception.