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A Course in Miracles

A class on the healing power of true forgiveness 

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Wednesdays, Jan 4 - Feb 22


5:30 - 7:30 pm Pacific Time

We meet on Zoom

"Forgiveness, truly given, is the way in which your only hope of freedom lies."
A Course in Miracles, S-2.1.6

Course Description:

Are you tired of coping with repeating patterns of limitation, disappointment, and anxiety?  Are you ready to seek out a better way of relating with others and the world around you?  A Course in Miracles is a metaphysical psychology course that addresses the nature of personal reality and teaches you how to truly love without limits.  The concepts presented in the Course instigate a life-altering experience that leads you out of fear, guilt, and suffering into an experience of the world that is happy, fulfilling, and healing because it is loving. 


Class includes instruction, group discussion, detailed chapter notes, and study questions.  In each class, you’ll be discussing points and practices you’ve implemented and/or challenges you’ve faced.  As one person shares their experience and receives feedback, others benefit from the shared experience.

Learning A Course in Miracles enables you to:
  • Discover the power of your mind

  • Process your experiences in a way that is healing.

  • Generate miracles - radical shifts in perception that foster love.

  • Heal your relationships

  • Clarify the purpose of your life

If you have struggled to understand the Course on your own, I know you will benefit from studying it with others. 


Online instructor-led.  Eight 2-hour meetings for a total of 16 hours. 

Teacher information:

I began my study of A Course in Miracles in 1989.  In 2018, I formed a study group that met twice a month for several years.  In 2021, I developed this class and have been offering it ever since.  I bring over 30 years of spiritual study and intuitive training to my work an of experience working with a wide range of students from the beginner to the advanced spiritual practitioner.

What To Expect​


Each week will begin with a short opening meditation followed by a chapter overview followed by group discussion.


Study Aids:

Chapter notes and study questions are available a week prior to each class meeting.  Class recordings available the day after each class meeting. 


Group Discussion. 

You'll be sharing with the group what you're learning and providing examples from your own life reflecting how you're applying what you're learning and what changes and/or challenges you're experiencing.


You'll be asked to study the assigned chapter each week and keep notes to help you prepare for class time.

You Provide: 

You provide your own book(s).  If you don't already own the course, be sure to purchase only the official course published by The Foundation for Inner Peace with the navy blue cover.  I recommend you get the combined volume.  It includes the full text, workbook, manual for teachers, and supplemental materials all in one book.  It is available on Amazon.
A Course in Miracles is available in hardback, paperback, Kindle, and audiobook formats.  It is also available for free on the website.

Tuition is a contribution of your choice.

$320$395 (suggested,) $425, Other

2023 Class Calendar 
Jan 4 - Feb 22

Supplemental Materials + 

Text Chapters 1 - 3

March 15 - May 3

Chapters 4 - 10

May 24 - July 12

Chapters 11 - 17

August 2 - Sept 20

Chapters 18 - 24

Oct 11 - Dec 6

Chapters 25 - 31

~no class Thanksgiving week~

Calendar subject to change,

but the entire text and manual for teachers will be covered within the year.

"I am one Self, united with my Creator, at one with every aspect of creation, and limitless in power and in peace."

"You are on Self with me, united with our Creator in this Self. I honor you because of What I am, and What He is, Who loves us both as one."
"Forgiveness is the key to happiness. I will awaken from the dream that I am mortal, fallible and full of sin, and know I am the perfect Son of God."
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