Spiritual Counseling


Spiritual counseling sessions are designed to meet  individual needs.  Some individuals have a specific question, issue, or challenge they would like help navigating.  Others are awakening to their spiritual abilities and want guidance and instruction on how to develop and use them.  I employ a variety of approaches, tools, and techniques, to best suit each individual’s needs including:

  • Guided meditation

  • Spiritual awareness training

  • Energetic healing


As individuals begin to understand and work with spiritual energy and concepts, they are better able to experience the larger point of view of their higher reasoning mind, also known as the higher Self.  When they do, they discover their innate power to transform the way they experience life.

Appointments are 1 hour: $135
Preferred form of payment Venmo, cash, or check.
I will accept PayPal, please note payment will include a 3% processing fee.

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