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Learning Holy Relationship

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April 10 - May 8

5:30 - 7:00 pm Pacific Time

We meet on Zoom

Learning Holy Relationship

A  Course in Miracles Class

A five-week class focusing on the concept of Holy relationship as presented in A Course in Miracles (ACIM).  We will explore Jesus' teachings on transforming a special relationship into a Holy one.  This transformation is an essential step in the healing purpose of ACIM as it helps us remember our inherent holiness and our oneness with God and each other.

Experiencing relationships through the ego’s paradigm prevents us from remembering the true meaning and experience of love because the ego's perception of love is founded on lack and involves fear, guilt, and conflict. In contrast, Holy relationship is based on unconditional love, forgiveness, and mutual respect, reflecting the true essence of divine love.

ACIM teaches us how to recognize and transform our relationships while acknowledging that reversing our understanding of love is difficult, particularly at first.  Jesus teaches that no one awakens alone – it is always accomplished through our relationships with others. With that in mind, this class aims to provide a helpful, supportive space for learning and healing our relationships together.

Course Outline:
  • Week 1: Introduction to A Course in Miracles and the concept of Holy Relationships

  • Week 2: Understanding Special Relationships: The Ego's Perception of Love

  • Week 3: The Transformation: From Special Relationships to Holy Relationships

  • Week 4: The Role of Forgiveness in Holy Relationships

  • Week 5: Experiencing Divine Love: The Essence of Holy Relationships


By the end of this class, students will have a deeper understanding of the teachings of ACIM, particularly the concept of Holy relationship. They will be equipped with practical tools and insights to apply these teachings in their daily lives, fostering more loving, fulfilling, and spiritually aligned relationships.


This class is ideal for anyone seeking to deepen their spiritual journey, improve their relationships, and experience greater peace and fulfillment in their lives. Prior knowledge of ACIM is beneficial but not necessary, as the class will provide a comprehensive overview of its key teachings.

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