Meditation 1

Heal Your Body Mind & Soul


March 1 - 22
7 - 8:30 PM Pacific Time
In person and via Skype

Tired of

  • Being tired and unwell too often?

  • Swinging through emotional ups and downs and repeating patterns of limitation, frustration, confusion, and disappointments?

  • Wishing others and the world around you could be different?

  • Feeling uncertain about what you're here to do?


There's only one thing I know of that heals the body, emotions, and the mind and that's meditation! 

It's truly the gift that keeps on giving throughout our lives. A regular meditation practice teaches us how to:

  • Get in touch with and gain mastery over the energies that run our bodies

  • Gain insight on how the way we think and feel about ourselves and the world directly effects our experience

  • Keep our minds steady on thoughts that create wellness physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

  • Connect with our inner guidance and transform the way we experience life.


"As a man thinketh so shall he be."

Energy follows thought: The life energy that animates the forms we use to experience ourselves in the world is under the command of the thoughts we're thinking in our heads; thoughts form the blueprint and matter builds the forms. This is actually good news! This means we can change the quality of our experience by changing our minds. 


Meditation teaches us how to:

  • Release thoughts that harm us and others.

  • Discover and let go of emotional wounds and persistent reactive patterns that repeatedly limit us.

  • Relieve the physical body of the stress it accumulates from the signals we run through it. 

  • Coordinate and synthesize the energy of our bodies, feelings, and thoughts into a harmonious whole, working in present time, for the purposes of enjoying life.

  • Find new ways of interacting with the world that support peace, love, and unity

  • Fulfill our creative purpose

People who have struggled in the past with learning how to meditate are delighted with how easily they can do it with this technique. Participants sit comfortably in a chair and easily keep their mind engaged through the use of creative visualization as they are guided through the process.  Some of the highlights of what you will learn in this class include how to:

  • Ground - this important spiritual tool keeps you safe and stable energetically.  Grounding nourishes the physical body, keeps the emotional body from being overwhelmed, the steadies the mind to support clear thinking.

  • Run energy - this technique works like your self-cleaning oven. You will learn how your body is made up of energy and how each chakra - or energy center - in the body corresponds with a level of consciousness that conditions our experience. Running energy helps us clear out the past traumas and issues, release energy that is foreign to us, and restore harmony and balance in our lives.

  • (And most importantly,) open up and improve your inner communion with your indwelling Soul - the source of all healing, clear seeing, and true understanding. As a child of God, you have latent within you an ancient divine wisdom that returns your consciousness to it's natural state of at-one-ment within the unified field of Loving, Intelligent, Consciousness we call God. Meditation opens up a continuity of consciousness, a bridge, between the ego self we currently identify with and the divine Self we sense but have mostly forgotten.

I encourage you to establish a daily meditation practice that works for you. If you try one style and don't like it, try another. But whatever you try, give it a fair shot. It takes time to learn something new - and especially to gain control of aspects of our self that are currently not under our control. We don't learn to play the piano in a week. We don't learn a new language in month. But we do learn most things no matter how difficult with applied practice over time. The rewards will far outweigh the struggle to learn. For many, learning how to meditate in a group is especially helpful. Taking a class creates a commitment to learning and practicing. And the group energy makes it much easier to get started. An added bonus is that you build a spiritual community to interact with and to give and receive mutual support.​

Cost: $185

Register and pay online 

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Here's What People are Saying

“I would highly recommend this class to someone who's interested in developing their meditation and spiritual practices and engaging in a spiritual community.  The class has a perfect combination of self-reflection, meditation, group support, humor and wonder.  Janet is an excellent teacher: warm, welcoming, funny and wise.  The students in the class were kind and supportive.  I’m so glad I signed up!” 

Meditating is fun

Sarah M.