A Course in Miracles

A class on the healing power of true forgiveness 

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A 12-week workshop style program

on the defining principles of

A Course in Miracles

Wednesdays, April 7 - June 23

5:00 - 7:00 pm Pacific Time

We meet on Zoom

"Forgiveness, truly given, is the way in which your only hope of freedom lies."

A Course in Miracles, S-2.1.6

Highly Recommended

What to expect:

In-Class Study

We'll be learning what the Course says about:

  • The healing power of true forgiveness

  • How we use the mind

  • The purpose of relationships

  • The body and healing

Group Discussion. 

You'll be sharing with the group what you're learning and providing examples from your own life reflecting how you're applying what you're learning and what changes you're experiencing.


You'll be asked to study the Course and other supporting materials throughout the week and keep notes to help you prepare for class time.

Class Materials

(To be provided by you)

A Course in Miracles Combined Volume. 

(Includes the full text, workbook, manual for teachers, and supplemental materials.)

  • Be sure to purchase only the official course published by The Foundation for Inner Peace with the navy blue cover.

Disappearance of the Universe 

by Gary Renard

Your Immortal Reality 

by Gary Renard

All of these books are available in paperback, Kindle, and audiobook formats.