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Practical Tools for the Natural Empath

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Please note, when I'm not offering a class, I work with people individually in private counseling sessions. 

Want to know if you're a natural empath? Click here to find out!

Is your natural sensitivity negatively impacting you?

For the naturally sensitive person, a key element for achieving a healthy balanced life is learning how to effectively work with that sensitivity. Empathetic souls are often attracted to therapeutic and service related fields as they have a natural desire to help others. But regardless of their chosen profession, with sensitivity comes numerous advantageous skills, as well as real disadvantages.


These are some major questions empaths grapple with:

  • How to deal with difficult people and situations.

  • How to set expectations and maintain healthy boundaries.

  • How to cleanse, restore, and balance the body-being energy system.


Empathic sensitivity provides you with naturally heightened intuition, penetrating insight into people and situations, a deep well of compassion, and genuine concern for the welfare or comfort of others. These traits naturally draw people to the you and provide fertile ground for meaningful connections with others.  Empathic souls tend to naturally have an innate ability to accurately sense what needs to be done and this supports positive, effective outcomes both at home and at work.


The sensitive soul often struggles is in knowing how to establish or maintain healthy boundaries both professionally and personally. As a result, they often end up depleting their vital energy and are left feeling drained, overwhelmed, and burnt out. This is because they need to spend a lot of energy managing their conscious and subconscious reactivity. All too often, the sensitive soul ends up manifesting challenging issues of their own in one form or another – physical, emotional, mental, or behavioral – as a result of the extra strain placed on their system.

Common Symptoms include but aren’t limited to:

  • Illness

  • Fatigue

  • Burn-out

  • Anxiety

  • Communication issues

  • Sleep issues

  • Difficulty in detaching from the client’s issues

  • Time management issues

  • Difficulty maintaining clear boundaries

  • Financial issues (e.g., undercharging for services)


If any of these symptoms pertain you, learning how to work effectively with energy may benefit you.

This course will cover tools and techniques to help you create a strong, fluid conduit through which your higher intelligence can flow into your mind, body, interpersonal communication, and interaction with others.


Learn how to:

  • Increase and protect your body-being connection.

  • Establish a safe energetic sanctuary to work within.

  • Establish grounded, safe and inspired communication.

  • Navigate challenging situations with the help of your higher intuitive intelligence.

  • Establish and maintain healthier boundaries with more ease.

  • Heal yourself as you heal others.

  • Clean and release unhealthy energy patterns from your space.

  • Protect your health, vital energy, and wellbeing.

  • Grow your business as your capacity to serve in a healthy way increases.

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