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Are You a Natural Empath?

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An empath is a person who experiences the thoughts, emotions, and often even the physical pain of another person within their own being. This ability is one manifestation of a spiritual ability known as clairsentience – the ability to sense the energy of people, places, and situations through feeling it in the body; its also known as a “gut instinct.” This ability comes with advantages and disadvantages. So, it’s helpful know if you are an empath so you can learn how to work with this ability optimally.

15 common signs:

  • You take on the energy, mood, and/or emotions of other people as if they were your own. This is called matching or mirroring. Your physiological, emotional, and mental reactivity match the vibration of the other person.

  • You’re sensitive to “vibe” in the room or environment you’re in. On a semi-conscious level, you are always scanning and tuning-in to the subtle cues of the energy shifts and vibrations of the people and the interactions going on around you.


  • You’re highly intuitive. You have the ability to sense what another person is trying to say even if they’re struggling to express it clearly.


  • You have an ability to perceive what is imperceptible to others – a type of psychic or extrasensory perception.


  • People often turn to you for advice. This is because you tend to be a compassionate, caring person who typically provides valuable insight.


  • You are easily overwhelmed by another’s strong emotions.


  • You seek to avoid conflict and are often over-accommodating. It may be difficult for you to stand your ground, or advocate for your needs.


  • Pleasing others feels safer than expressing your authentic feelings or opinions.


  • You may feel the physical pain or symptoms of another and have trouble un-matching from them.


  • Violent, tragic, or scary events overwhelm you. You tend to avoid the news and violent, scary, or tragic entertainment.


  • Harsh, ugly, or discordant environments are challenging for you.


  • You care deeply about others and feel hurt, baffled, or overwhelmed when another behaves insensitively.


  • You may periodically experience sudden overwhelming emotions while in a public place or group setting.


  • You need regular amounts of down time to recharge. You find yourself easily depleted, overwhelmed, or even ill without it.


  • You’re drawn to therapeutic and/or service professions. You have a strong need to help others.


If you can relate to many of these statements, you are most likely a natural empath. As you can see from this list, this sensitivity provides you with some wonderful strengths, but also comes with some challenges.

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