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7. The Spirit's Descent into Human Life

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

(Part 7of an ongoing series of posts on the creative process of life.)

Today we’re going to take a closer look at how Spirit is translated into human form. Understanding the charts pictured here will help make things a bit clearer as we go, so let me take a moment to walk you through them.

[Click here to see enlarged images - Figure 1 and Figure 2]

This is a diagram of the Cosmic Physical Plane of the universe – the lowest plane. It’s comprised of seven types of energy and divine activity, called the systemic subplanes.

Each of the systemic subplanes (which I will now refer to as planes) is also subdivided into seven subplanes that mirror the larger subdivisions. So, there are 7 planes and 49 subplanes on the Cosmic Physical Plane.

  1. Adi – God the Father

  2. Monadic – God the Son

  3. Atmic – God the Holy Spirit

  4. Buddhic – the plane of at-one-ment

  5. Manasic – the mental plane

  6. Astral – the desire plane