The Divine Journey,

Awakening to the Creative Process of Life

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Learn How to Become a Conscious Creator~

We are creating our lives in every moment, but mostly we are doing so unconsciously.  As a result, we don’t really understand how to change our lives for the better, particularly in those areas that we find most difficult.  The Divine Journey introduces the reader to important ideas about the underlying purpose and mechanics of the creative process we call life and provides effective tools and an empowering framework for understanding how to become conscious creators.

Awaken Your Intuition~

Have you ever wondered, “Why aren’t things going the way I want them to? Why can’t I create the change I long for? How can I move into a place of love, inner peace, and joyfulness?” The Divine Journey offers a unique combination of thought-provoking ideas, real-life stories, and targeted exercises and guided meditations to catalyze your higher intuition and find your answers.

Drawing from such diverse sources as,the Ageless Wisdom teachings of Alice Bailey, A Course in Miracles, The Urantia Book, Seth, and the Christian bible, author Janet Myatt offers a modern interpretation of complex spiritual concepts that can be applied to our daily experience. The Divine Journey takes you on a path of spiritual discovery to learn how the forces of creativity work within you and help you move out of painful ways of thinking and feeling into an awakened awareness that is limitless, loving, and powerful.

You’ll find tools to help you:

  • Discover the divinity within you.

  • Understand how your thoughts and desires determine your experience.

  • Heal the mental and emotional patterns that cause suffering.

  • Experience a deeper connection with yourself, others, and the world around you.

Discover Your Unlimited Self ~

Whether you are newly on the path of spiritual awakening or an experienced traveler, the concepts and techniques offered provide fertile ground for a transformational shift into your unlimited self.

© 2020 Janet Myatt
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