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Tuning & Balancing the Alta Major Chakra

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

A guide for tuning and balancing the alta major chakra. This guided meditation leads you through several energetic alignments to balance and restore the mind, heart, and body. The Alta Major is an important minor chakra at the base of the skull which begins to work like a major chakra during the awakening process. Many symptoms can arise when this chakra is out of balance - ringing and/or pressure in the ears, dizziness, headaches, sinus problems, etc. Learning how to align your chakra points in a particular pattern of sacred geometry known as a Merkabah or Metatron's Cube - enables you to clear and balance your mind bringing it into present time, as well as integrate and balance the mind with the high heart, or divine love levels of consciousness. This alignment promotes wellness and opens you up new levels of perception.

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