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Learning Holy Relationship
Part 2

Enrolling now

May 15 - June 12

5:30 - 7:30 pm Pacific Time

We meet on Zoom

Learning Holy Relationship

Part 2

A  Course in Miracles Class

Learning Holy Relationship - Part 2 is a 5-week course designed to help students become consciously aware of the blocks to love they hold in their minds and invite transformational healing experiences into their relationships.

The class consists of 5 scheduled class meetings plus one 60-90 minute private coaching session. The private coaching session will be scheduled separately at a time that is convenient for both the student and myself. This session will offer students personalized guidance and support, giving them the chance to receive individualized attention and feedback. This will help them further develop their skills and understanding of the material discussed in class.


Through a combination of self-reflection, forgiveness practices, and guided meditations, students will explore the role of judgment, resentment, and fear in their relationships and learn how to release these blocks to love.


By the end of the course, students will have a deeper understanding of the lessons learned through their relationships and be equipped with tools to cultivate forgiveness and healing in their relationships.


Register today and join us on this journey towards healing and transformation in your relationships.

Prerequisite: To enroll, students must have completed Learning Holy Relationship (part 1). Students who have not taken part 1, can alternatively schedule a counseling appointment before the start of the new class to acquire the necessary skills needed to participate. This ensures that all students are adequately prepared and equipped to fully engage in the material and discussions presented in the class.

“Everyone on earth has formed special relationships, and although this is not so in Heaven, the Holy Spirit knows how to bring a touch of Heaven to them here.”

“The Holy Spirit uses special relationships, which you have chosen to support the ego, as learning experiences that point to truth. Under His teaching, every relationship becomes a lesson in love.”

“So in each holy relationship is the ability to communicate instead of separate reborn.”

~A Course in Miracles

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