Spiritual Healing Classes

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January 10

February 14

March 14

April 11

May 9

June 13

August 8
September 12
October 10
November 14
December 12

5 PM PT - We meet on Zoom

What Is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing involves consciously connecting with a higher level consciousness in the mind that is naturally healing and correcting. This class provides you with tools and techniques that draw forth this connection.  All healing takes place in the mind first and is reflected back on the physical level.  You can learn how to release blockages and congestion in your energy body and stimulate meaningful mental, emotional, and physical change for the better.​

In these workshops you will:

  • Learn how to align and channel your divine spiritual awareness and energy.

  • Learn how to use a variety of different healing techniques including how to:

    • Balance the chakra system 

    • Work with sacred geometry

    • Work with with various divine healing energies and guides.

  • Have plenty of practice giving and receiving spiritual healings.

"Sacred Esoteric Healing gives us an opportunity to not just put a Band-aid on (i.e. a solution) and carry on in the same way regardless, but to stop and contemplate what had occurred that was not true to our essence, which resulted in disharmony in our body."
"To heal or to make joyous is therefore the same as to integrate and to make one."

"Healing is a thought by which two minds perceive their oneness and become glad. This gladness calls to every part of the Sonship to rejoice with them, and lets God go out into them and through them."
"Healing involves a change in energy, a clearing, that catalyses mental, emotional, physical and spiritual changes for the better." 
Janet Myatt
Learn how to work with
  • The chakra system,
  • Sacred geometry, and
  • Divine healing energies and guides.