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A Fulfilling Life Is
Within Reach

Online Counseling &
Spiritually Centered Classes
with Janet Myatt

Meet Janet 

As a spiritual counselor, I’m passionate about helping people uncover the greater truth of who they are.  I work from the understanding that an unlimited wellspring of higher reasoning, inner peace, unconditional love, and joyful expression is inherent and natural within all human beings. You don’t have to have a firm belief in God to work well with me.  Just some sense or budding belief in the existence of something within and all around us that is greater than the individual and is the Source from which we all come.

In spiritual counseling appointments and mindfulness classes, you'll learn meditation and energy healing techniques along with an exploration of the new thought principles taught in A Course in Miracles, metaphysical and traditional psychology, and Eastern philosophies.  Communication skills training focuses on learning how to communicate in a manner that builds strong, resilient relationships that foster trust, meaningful connection, and creative thinking and problem solving.

I bring over 35 years of spiritual study, certified intuitive training, and work experience as a spiritual counselor, teacher, and corporate instructor specializing in interpersonal communication.  I enjoy helping people learn how to apply the power of the mind to create positive change, and increase engagement, collaboration, creativity, and productivity.

I'm glad you're here, I hope we can connect!  



Janet's knowledge and experience of mind/body/soul healing has improved my day to day life dramatically. I have also gained the courage and tools to face my deeper fears in order to transform to a more spiritual way of being. I completely recommend any type of work with Janet for living well and living whole. 

Brent S.

I was delighted to discover Janet's unique style of meditation is not only a wonderful experience, it's powerfully effective and creates real, lasting change for the better. Janet provides an environment that is so welcoming I felt comfortable to explore, learn and begin to understand this wonderful, yet at times difficult, journey. My experiences with her have been invaluable.

Tammy C.

I was at a point in my life where I found myself in negative situations in both my personal and professional lives that had paralyzed me; devastated me; and affected my health, repeatedly.  With Janet’s guidance, I have been able to find my path to become all that I was created to be in both areas of my life. I now understand there is a higher awareness within me that shows me how make my life meaningful and fulfilling.

Rickie P.

Janet is an amazing teacher, guide, and healer. She has helped me immensely along my spiritual journey to grow and understand myself in ways that bring me more peace, love, and joy. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to advance their spiritual practice, heal, or bring more peace and light into their life. 

Alexis M.

The Divine Journey, Awakening to the Creative Process of Life | Janet Myatt

The Divine Journey, Awakening to the Creative Process of Life | Janet Myatt

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