Are You Experiencing

a Spiritual Awakening?

Welcome! Are you experiencing a spiritual awakening or facing a crossroads and seeking a new kind of understanding? You’re not alone and you’ve come to the right place.  As a spiritual counselor and teacher my role is to help facilitate your spiritual awakening.

We are creating our lives in every moment, but mostly we are doing so unconsciously.  As a result, we don’t really understand how to change our lives for the better, particularly in those areas that we find most difficult. But, within each of us is a deeply wise aspect of self that is full of light, love, power, and insight. A spiritual awakening connects us with this higher power and transforms our experience of ourselves and the world around us. Awareness gives us the ability to make informed choices. Spiritual awareness gives us the necessary higher perspective needed to move out of limiting patterns of thinking, feeling, and being that have plagued us for a long time; mostly because we haven’t been able to move out of our blind spots and our preconceived notions of who we think we are and how life works.  But the spirit exists outside of these limitations and when we learn how to connect with it we discover miraculous shifts in our lives.

My journey in this lifetime has led me here, to this place, where I feel called to share what I have learned and  experienced in my own journey of awakening.  Through direct experience and my work with others, I have developed effective tools techniques that help you create a meaningful transformation in your life.

Spiritual Awakening Leads to the Discovery Your Divine Self

The self that exists beyond the limiting beliefs and fears of the ego, the self that remains connected to Cosmic Mind, to God, and works co-creatively within God’s will.  This self is much larger than you can possibly imagine and is propelled by pure divine love.  When you live your life within the larger lens of your divine self you begin to live miraculously.   This is because you are no longer separated from the interconnectedness of Divine Mind and the entire universe conspires to lift you up and support your vision.

As a counselor and healer, my role is to help you uncover your original divine blueprint. Through the use of guided meditation and clairvoyant seeing I help you travel the pathways of your inner being and uncover your inner light.  Step by step, I help you navigate through the many layers of beliefs, programming, and misperceptions that have blinded you.  As you discard these encumbrances you begin to emerge more fully into your life from the point of view of your divine self.  When this happens you find yourself shifting away from the old paradigms of competition, judgement, and scarcity which are based on a lack of love. The divine self inspires a desire to work co-creatively and with compassion and forgiveness to build a world of abundance for all.

As a teacher, my role is help you learn how to work directly with powerful energy techniques and tools, align with higher states of consciousness, and understand the larger context of your creative purpose.  The synergistic energy created in class is greater than the sum of it’s parts and participants find themselves healing  growing in their spiritual awareness at accelerated rates. Additionally, students gain the benefits of belonging to spiritual community of like-minded souls.

Facilitating a Spiritual Awakening

There are two great pillars to the awakening process:

1.  Understanding and working with energy – learning to recognize and work consciously with the life force that animates us all

2.  Theoretical understanding – learning spiritual mechanics and opening up to higher states of consciousness that reveal the greater purpose and plan underlying the Creation within which we all exist.

Both of these pillars are addressed in all that I offer whether you meet with me privately for counseling or healing, take classes, or read my book The Divine Journey.

I look forward to helping you take your next step on your divine journey and serve as a positive catalyst for your spiritual awakening.

~ Janet



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