I had recently started holistic healing such as acupuncture and yoga for my migraines. I was just starting to meditate to reduce stress when I came upon Janet's classes. In working with her, not only did the depth and quality of my meditations improve, but the connection to people and the world's energy seemed to flow more readily. Her knowledge and experience of mind/body/soul healing, along with my mindfulness learning, has improved my day to day life dramatically. I have also gained the courage and tools to face my deeper fears in order to transform to a more spiritual way of being. I completely recommend any type of work with Janet - for living well and living whole.  Brent S.

I think you would find any of her classes of value. I first attended her classes with absolutely no prior information other than a referral from a very dear friend. Janet is great. Her meditations are wonderful. In fact, I used to have to sleep with the radio on every night. She has a sleep meditation that I used for awhile and now I no longer need to use the radio. Janet provides an environment that is welcoming and has allowed me to feel comfortable to explore, learn and begin to understand this wonderful, yet at times difficult, journey. I often take two steps forward and one step backwards. Janet has helped me to understand that this is part of my journey and that this is normal. For me, my experiences with her have been invaluable.
Tammy C.

I would highly recommend the chakra class to someone who’s interested in developing their meditation and spiritual practices and engaging in a spiritual community.  The class has a perfect combination of self-reflection, meditation, group support, humor and wonder.  Janet is an excellent teacher: warm, welcoming, funny and wise.  The students in the class were kind and supportive.  I’m so glad I signed up!  Sarah M.

I was fascinated to learn that each Chakra has its unique consciousness and that all of these levels of consciousness are impacted by believes, ideas, pictures that I may not be conscious off and that may not be relevant in the now. Rita W.

As a student in most of her classes and also a client of Janet’s for two years, I have benefited from her gifted contributions as a master teacher and counselor, and I highly recommend all of her classes and services. Working with Janet has helped me grow significantly and gain tools to continue this life-long work. You don’t have to be at any particular level to receive significant support on your path of personal transformation in a safe, compassionate, and healing environment for all. Julie S.

I find that her tools and methods of teaching are currently my greatest support, in my soul’s continuing journey of discovery, growth, ascension and expansion of consciousness. F.W.

The online Chakra class provided a wonderful mix of understandable knowledge drawn from ancient wisdom, prompts for deep self-reflection, a variety of tools for self-healing based on an individual’s preferences, beautiful guided meditations, and a group space for processing our experiences, asking questions, and supporting each other’s growth.  Janet also brought her musical expertise into her toning examples which sounded to me like angels singing.” Julie S.

Janet’s Chakra Class is awesome!   Information provided was super interesting, clear, concise, and fun to learn.  Golden Nuggets of wisdom, meditations, energy work, healings and energetic tools are of tremendous support to my home and work life and are essential to my journey of returning to wholeness. Janet is a master of group healings.  The work was done in formation.  The class setting was based on a foundation of love, unity, understanding and service.  The environment was safe and free from disharmony and criticism.  I am getting better and better and feel deeply grateful to Janet and all the class mates for this extraordinary experience.  Thank you. Gene V.

Thank you Janet.  A great class.  You are deeply committed to your students and to being a great teacher.  That comes through above everything!!  And you do it exceptionally well. F.W.

I very much enjoyed this class. I can feel the power and I’m able to stay more grounded and open in situations that usually make me shut down. S.M.

I always feel better after a session with Janet. It’s a sense that great work has been done and comes with the notion that the future will be a little easier, maybe a few more doors will be open the next time around.  I truly appreciate Janet’s help in walking me through the areas I am blind in, so that I can see a little more each time. If everything is a grand puzzle, I’d want to ask for another’s opinion every once in a while. How does the puzzle look today? That is the value and the reason for seeking Janet and continuing with her type of help.
John Q.

I was at a point in my life where I found myself in negative situations in both my personal and professional lives that had paralyzed me; devastated me; and affected my health, repeatedly.  With Janet’s guidance, I have been able to find my path to become all that I was created to be both personally and professionally, with divine guidance and inspiration.  I understand that I am a part of something that is greater than me and am able to create whatever I chose to make my life meaningful, fulfilling and of service to others.  I have done, and continue to do just that and all is well.  I was referred to Janet via a mutual friend and my life has radically changed forever.  I am happy.
Rickie P.

Janet gave me insight into myself (and my wife) from the perspective of archangels and chakras.  The value comes from integrating your perspective with those of other psychics/mediums/empaths/spiritual counselors — another puzzle piece helping to complete the puzzle that is me.
Art T.

The work that we have done together was truly transformative!  The greatest gift that I received was FREEDOM!!  Free from anxiety and a 9 year panic disorder that kept me from driving on the freeway.  I am now free to fully enjoy and live my life without fear.  I commute to a great job, share driving with my husband on road trips – even drive across bridges.  With the freedom also came a gain of self confidence.  I learned that I am capable of just about anything!!
Lynn D.

The greatest value…there is so much it’s hard to have a short answer….I would say would be finding myself spiritually and realizing the my potential within. Being able to expand my horizons to help others and ultimately serving God and not myself.
Renee M.

I would say the most valuable thing I learned in Janet’s classes was being able to learn more effective ways to mediate and to feel some of the bodily sensations that happen when you are in a deep meditation. This helped me to learn how to mediate better on my own and make contact with spirit. In addition, you also have a group of people in the class that are very kind and open on the subject matter which made me feel very comfortable.
I have had a variety of experiences in my life which point to the idea that there is definitely more to reality than the physical existence we are living. There are strange coincidences that have happened that seem too odd to just be a coincidence. I wanted to find someone who was skilled and knowledgeable in the spirit realm to learn from, so I decided to sign up for your classes. I have really enjoyed all the classes that you held and greatly appreciate you welcoming us into your home to teach us. I believe that what you taught us will definitely be beneficial as we are passing on what you taught us to others as well. Create ripples of cosmic consciousness in the sea of life!
Mitch G.

I have gotten answers to hard questions and answers to light questions.  Sometimes I have been moved to tears. I am in awe of this new path that my life has taken.  I have had other direct encounters with Passing Over, with seeing Jesus in body, and have felt connected to God along the way, in countless ways, but never so deeply as with you.  Value–heavenly.  Incalculable.
Arel W.

Working with you was very helpful to me.  I loved your guided meditation, and especially found the grounding cord guidance to help my lower body feel better and it did help me feel more connected and grounded.  You also helped release some sadness that in my heart, which I was not aware was still there.   Your insight about some things from my past resulted in a feeling of freedom in my body and mind.  I have continued to listen to the meditations you sent me and learn more and more each time I listen to them.  I learn more about being connected/grounded, about letting go of energy no longer serving me, and of trusting my inner divinity.  Your encouragement that I was on the right path and should continue my meditation and study was very inspiring.
Donna M.

The greatest value I received as a result of working together is validation.  My intuition guides me, but sometimes I dismiss it.  You gave me the validation that what my intuition was telling me was the best for my journey of life.
Heidi S.

The greatest value I’ve gotten from our work together is learning how to go deeper into meditation to access the greater field of consciousness. Working with you opened my eyes to the possibility of communicating with spirit through meditative practices. This led to an awareness that spirit is always present and can be accessed anytime just by sending out an intention. This powerful connection to spirit has enhanced my life in many ways.
Suzanne R.

I knew intuitively after I spoke with Janet on the phone that she was not like anyone I had spent time with before. I felt lighter, happier and refreshed as though I had been cleansed each time I saw her.  Janet picks you up from right where you are and moves you forward with each session. I never felt judged regardless of what I shared.  After a session with Janet, I felt an immediate difference in interactions with others at work and with family, especially in making new decisions confidently allowing myself to  grow closer to my career purpose.
Michelle C.

The greatest value for me is clearing my mind from the day to day pressures and expanding my thoughts by going to a higher level of concentration and enlightenment.  It is a realization that people today are so caught up in completing the repetitive day to day chores that they don’t stop to think about healing themselves both mentally and physically in order to achieve higher more important goals.  It is focusing on the moment and not always worrying about what I have to do next.  It is approaching life on a higher level and practicing those thoughts on a daily basis.
Vince F.

The greatest value I’ve gotten is a better understanding of energy and how to work with it and release it, the value in meditation, and affirmation that God and angels are always on stand-by ready to help us if we but ask.
Lynn L.

Janet’s work is life affirming. It has been such a blessing working with her. She holds such wisdom and light and her insightfulness has been enormously beneficial.
Jill U.

Much greater and faster benefit than “talk therapy”.  I don’t know how what you do works, but I know it does.
Ruth G.

Janet has helped me in so many ways in working with many modalities of light work. She teaches me to continue the work for my spiritual path and has created the space for me to expand as I should. She has a clairvoyance with her light work that has been beneficial to me to work in the areas I do not have view into that are my blocks or holding me back from moving forward. She makes you feel safe and well protected when doing the work you need to do. I have been sent to many teachers and light workers and am very blessed to have been given the opportunity and guidance to work with Janet.
Marian P.

Working with Janet, I always get the message that who I am is valuable–as a spirit, as a person. I learn that accessing and understanding myself as a spirit is straightforward and powerful. People who see me afterward say, “You look so good! What have you been doing?”
Suzanna S.

I would say that the greatest value that I’ve gotten from our work together, has been my ability to move forward in my journey and not be burdened with old baggage.
T.J. M.

What really drew me to Janet was how she made me feel when I spoke to her about my concerns. I have to say I know that I was guided to her from a higher source but she really helps me feel like I am not alone with the psychic experiences I have and how I have been effected by them in the past. I really felt safe with Janet in knowing that she was the right person for me to help me learn more about Spirituality and how we are connected with everything. I needed someone to help me understand what was happening to me, and God and the Angels have answered my prayers with Janet and she continues to amaze me with all the love and knowledge she brings. I am so grateful to have met her. Thank you.
Crystal A.

Working with Janet has brought about a tremendous shift of energy and focus in my life. It has helped me understand myself better, shining light on areas that need work and helping me bring about greater balance and health. I am also gaining understanding of universal truths and my higher purpose.
Laurie B.

The greatest value I’ve gotten from that reading with you was probably the final answer to a collection of questions I’ve sought solutions to over the course of 20 years.
Vera K.

The greatest value I’ve received from Janet Myatt’s sessions is the ability for me to set in motion the remedy’s to issues that she discovered, through her highly developed intuitive awareness and crystal clear analysis. Janet has the astute sensitivity to see and feel different spirit-energies, and communicate with various levels of Ascended Masters. All of her sessions are experienced through her selfless, appropriate, and very loving manner.
Jim Q.

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