Spiritually Centered

Interpersonal Communication

Wednesdays, June 3 - July 8
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Pacific Time
Online via Zoom

"A holy relationship is one in which you join with what is part of you in truth….So in each holy relationship is the ability to communicate instead of separate" - A Course In Miracles

Every relationship in our life involves communication: from our family and friends, to our work and societal relationships, communication is the medium of connection.  Even our internal relationship with ourselves involves a constant running inner dialog.  The quality of our interpersonal communication with others greatly impacts how we experience life.

Sadly, most of us struggle with communication in one way or another. We don’t receive formal training for this critical life skill in schools. Consequently, our communication traits emerge from what was modeled for us by the people around us, leaving us under-skilled and often perpetuating ineffective patterns.


Quite a number of communication skills training programs have been developed over the past several decades.  And many of them have provided people with helpful tools and strategies.  However, in my experience both as a corporate trainer, and spiritual counselor, tools alone haven’t been enough to overcome the distortions inherent in our inner egoic emotional-perceptual world.  These distortions keep us in a perpetual state of disconnection as we steadfastly cling to our own perception of how things are.  It is very hard for us to accept that our perception is no more or no less “valid” than anyone else's because we identify with our perception; it is the mental-emotional manifestation of our personal belief system.  Thus, anything that questions that system feels like a personal threat to the ego. And this, in the end, is what breaks down communication time and again; egos fundamentally disagree on what is true because each ego lives in its own story, its own world. 


Luckily, there is another voice within us - the Voice of Spirit. Spirit is the aspect of mind that sits outside of the stories we tell ourselves and corrects our thinking when we allow it to.  Spirit teaches us unity, love, connection, and co-creativity through transforming our misperception into true perception (thoughts and beliefs that foster and promote love).  In my experience, it is only after we welcome this correcting agency of mind into our communication, take responsibility for our own distortions, and set peace as our ultimate purpose, that we are able to consistently use effective communication skills to develop a true connection with others.


In this course, we’ll be working on identifying and deprogramming the triggers that automatically put us in the mindset of the ego.  And, developing our ability to choose and practice the mindset of the spirit.


We’ll explore topics in: 

  • Setting a clear, spiritually centered purpose for your communication. 

  • Inviting the loving corrective guidance of your Spirit into your mind as you communicate.

  • Expressing your point of view as a starting point, not a fixed point.

  • Listening for understanding - learning how to listen without judging, assessing, or advising.

  • Allowing the co-creative power of Spirit within all parties to create a new understanding. 


All are welcome! Please join us, and experience the true expression of the Spirit!