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Why Spiritual Counseling is Beneficial for You

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

I am frequently asked, “What is spiritual counseling?” Most people are familiar with counseling of some form or another, and some understand a spiritual quest as a means of self-help. But for many, the meaning of the term is not clear. I’d like to shine a light on the type of healing dynamic spiritual counseling offers.

Spiritual counseling incorporates a spiritual perspective in the healing process. Depending upon your spiritual beliefs and the type of spiritual counselor you work with, you can expect some form of meditation, mindfulness, prayer, and often some kind of energy work or routine to be a part of the counseling process.

The general goal of the spiritual counselor is to help you develop and strengthen a dependable way of invoking an integrated higher state of inner awareness. An awareness that gently heals your inner wounds and lovingly connects you with the world around you.

Spiritual or Religious?

Some spiritual counseling stems from a specific religion, denomination, or faith. These counselors are typically affiliated with a church, synagogue, temple, or ashram and teach the specific principles taught by that faith. However, many spiritual counselors are non-denominational and employ principles and methods from a variety of spiritual teachings. These practitioners typically work with the belief that healing involves the healthy integration of mind, body, and spirit into a meaningful whole that induces heightened states of inner peace, joy, and interconnectivity with others.

Why Spiritual Counseling?

People seek out spiritual counseling for a variety of reasons. Here are some common ones.

They may be experiencing:

  • A spiritual crisis or need help navigating some other problem in their life.

  • An intuitive need to include a spiritual orientation in a healing process.

  • A spiritual awakening.

  • Psychic or extrasensory states of awareness.

  • A growing sense that there is a deeper, more meaningful way of living in the world

  • A need to better understand the purpose of their lives.

What spiritual counseling does

Spiritual counseling assists you in unleashing the full expression of your innate divine potential. The process of liberating and manifesting your highest creative essence involves examining core beliefs and deepening an awareness of the spiritual aspects of your inner being. An effective spiritual counselor assists you in contacting a level of consciousness that sits outside your pain and your story; thereby gently and lovingly teaching you how to forgive and heal. The spiritual counselor serves as a guide to help you establish and nurture a strong connection with this higher, self-correcting, self-healing, unifying, integrative level of consciousness. With this open line of communication, profound change becomes possible. The mind begins to perceive differently and achieve higher states of awareness that support wellness, inner peace, joyfulness, gratitude, and love.

There is no one way to make this connection. No one spiritual path or tradition works unilaterally for everyone. Instead, all paths eventually guide us to self-realization because it is our natural, innate state. The key to finding a spiritual practice that works for you in present time is to discover and work with the teachings and practices that lead you to love, forgiveness, liberation from fear, and inner healing.

The result of spiritual counseling is a larger integrative paradigm that shifts us from fear, chaos, victimization, and neediness into joy, faith, forgiveness, and love.

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