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Unity Meditation 2: Moving from Me to We to ONE

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Move your sense of identity into increasingly larger, inclusive points of view.

All summer I find my mind returning to the topic of unity. I've been curious about how to remain positive and optimistic as my attention is drawn to what is happening to all of us in this country. Amid so much dissension, strife, and trauma, it can be challenging to feel hopeful that all of this upheaval will eventually lead us onto a better path.⁠ ⁠

But I've learned that we human beings have to become incredibly unhappy before we're willing to change. We tend to stick to our core beliefs to the bitter end no matter how painful or dysfunctional they are because we're literally afraid to think differently. This is true as individuals and it's true collectively. I feel that bitter end bubbling up in our society today. We're on the brink of collapse if we don't stand up together, join hands, and work to build a better world that serves the highest good for everyone

The stress of our current growth period is causing so many people to suffer and I feel this suffering in my heart. I want to help. This is when I find I must return to the inner spiritual plane of mind. I cannot be an extension of light and love if I don't open my heart and mind to the Oneness and allow it to flow through me and change my perspective. Only this light and love can show us the way because it exists outside of our insanity. When I choose to move into the unified mind, I am able to experience and trust in the greater force that is marshaling us towards a better way. ⁠ ⁠

I've created short excerpts of the various unity meditations we've been doing in my meditation class. You'll find them on my YouTube channel. I hope by making them available, you too can replenish and restore your spiritual connection and help bring more light and love into the world at this critical time.⁠

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