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5. The Rise of Human Consciousness

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

(Part 5 of an ongoing series of posts on the creative process of life.)

“Our true nature is divine and eternal. Our true purpose of life is to awaken and realize that permanent divinity that is within us.”Amit Ray


The term Monad refers to the divine level of consciousness within all human beings - the universal spiritual being, the Son of God. It's a Theosophical term meaning “unit of consciousness” and can be applied to any creative entity within the Creation. For my purposes, however, I will use it to refer only to a human being’s God-self.

Within the hierarchal structure of the Creation, human Monads exist within the Creator Son of our universe. The Urantia Book teaches us that each universe is ensouled or embodied by its own Creator Son, and each Creator Son is in every way God to all that dwell within that universe. Creator Sons are mighty cosmic beings of perfected light and love who fully express and reveal God. And just like His Father before Him, a Creator Son distributes Himself into His creative expressions—His sons, His offspring. Examples of the Creator Son’s offspring include (but are not limited to) the Deity-level planetary and cosmic beings that ensoul planets, solar systems, and constellations, as well as the human Monads—the ascending Sons of God operating in the human kingdom on planet Earth. It is this latter group of beings I am referring to when I use the term Monad. Synonyms for Monad include Divine Spark, Spirit-Personality, Spirit, and the I Am presence.

When a Creator Son joins with a Mother Spirit (an aspect of the Infinite Spirit), a local universe is made. In other words, when the divine will and divine love of the Son are ignited into intelligent action and activity, systems of creativity manifest, or come into being. Local universes are populated with a wide variety of creative entities in precisely the same way the Paradise Trinity did it when the central universe was formed—that is, through the process of divine Self-distribution and differentiation. The Creator Son bestows or distributes Himself throughout His sons. Over the long course of the evolutionary process within a universe, all the Monads within the Creator Son ultimately work together within a local universe to manifest their Father’s loving will.

Monads are purely spiritual expressions of God; they are not materially objective. All human beings descend from the Monadic level of being; the lifestream of the Monad flows into the lower three levels of the Cosmic Physical plane (see figures 1 & 2) to give rise to human life and consciousness. As pure Spirit, the Monadic level of being remains in a state of unified God consciousness and does not know of separation. It serves as the first point of contact with the Father to the evolving human being who is son to the Monad. In keeping with the law “as above, so below,” the Monad distributes its consciousness into differentiated forms of expression (first souls and then incarnated personalities) for the purposes of activating all its inherent divine potential through its creative experiences. At the incarnated level of experience, these forms consist of the etheric-physical, astral-emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies that make up the evolving human being.

At our Monadic level, we are “born” with unlimited creative potential. At the time of our inception, we are the following:

  • Omniscient (all knowing)—We have awareness of the whole of God’s intelligence because we do not yet have any part of our consciousness sitting in ideas of separation.

  • Omnipresent (in all places at all times)—We understand ourselves to be present everywhere within the whole for the same reason.

But we are not yet omnipotent (all powerful) because we have not yet mastered all levels of Creation. Remember that humans begin their ascension career in the lowest level of the Cosmos (the Cosmic Physical Plane) and have a long evolutionary career ahead of them. Humans must first learn how to become self-aware as individuals and slowly expand their conscious awareness as they activate and make actual the divine potential within. As humans expand in awareness and mastery, they increase their divine creative power and sphere of influence. The Planetary Logos ensouling Earth, for example, moved through his individual (humanlike) evolutionary process many eons ago in another system in another part of the universe. His long career has led Him to this lofty state of divine power, and yet He still has ahead of Him ascending to the level of a Solar Logos and onward from there. By the way, ensouling planets, systems, and galaxies is only one of many career paths for ascending Monads. We don’t all end up ensouling planets!

Involution, Evolution, Ascension


The creative process on the Cosmic Physical Plane of the universe is threefold: involutionary, evolutionary, and ascending. During the involutionary, or outbound phase, the Monad learns how to merge with matter by slowly extending a descending lifestream into the lowest levels of creative activity within the physical plane of the universe. Here, Spirit builds an energy body comprised of 5 layers.

  1. Physical – This is the layer we perceive as the physical body.

  2. Etheric – This is the vitality layer that holds the blueprint around which the atoms of the dense body coalesce.

  3. Emotional – This is the layer that stores our desires, emotions, fears, and feelings.

  4. Mental – This is the layer where thought emerges as ideas. It houses our beliefs, memories, mental programming, and perceptual conclusions. Out of these thoughtforms emerges our ego identity. The lower rational and concretizing part of the mental body is where we analyze, catalog, organize, and sort out our thoughts and experiences. The higher abstract and intuitive part of the mental body is where inspiration, enlightenment, and perceptual breakthroughs arise.

  5. Spiritual – This is the layer that remains connected to higher states of conscious awareness. It is not involved in the perceptual orientation of the lower levels. It remains in a state of unity with the greater whole. It is the inner teacher, healer, and guide during the evolutionary phase and eventually returns our mind to Monadic awareness during the ascension phase.

On the form side of things, all of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual characteristics of the incarnated personality are stored in the energy body. Consciously, the lifestream that individuates as the incarnated personality here on Earth is first the prodigal son who leaves his Father's house to pursue his own ideas. Next, he develops his divine qualities during the long evolutionary phase. Eventually, the personality awakens to a strong desire to return home and serve once again as a conscious creator in the universe. At that point the personality begins the ascension phase and the prodigal son eventually learns how to return home.


The evolving Monad is dealing with both the evolution of consciousness and the evolution of forms. Both consciousness and matter are comprised of energy. However, they are not the same. The energy of consciousness is illuminating, like the sun. The energy of matter is reflective, like the moon.

Let's consider the form side first. Quantum physics has discovered that matter is not comprised of separate little bits of something as previously thought in the old reductionist theory; it's actually an unlimited field of energy potential, what I call the quantum field and theosophists call the sea of fire. And, this sea of potential extends in all directions - we are immersed in it. The thoughts held in the mind of the ensouling spirit create the blueprints and the thought patterns that direct the energy of the quantum field. Matter, then, behaves the way the mind directs it to and reveals the quality of the thought by reflecting it back to us. [1]

Consciousness evolves through our experience of our thoughts and ideas. In the beginning, our thoughts and ideas actually block our awareness of the spiritual aspect within us, and keep us unaware of our actual creative contribution in the universe. We spend our days imagining different scenarios of who and what we are over the course of many thousands of lifetimes. We act out these stories in our mind, and believe they are real. We've developed a sensitive and complex form apparatus to experience the effects of our thoughts, and use this feedback system to validate the mental paradigm we project onto matter. Out of this closed feedback loop, we develop an ego persona - or a self-concept - which replaces our awareness of our actual identity as spiritual beings in the Sonship of God.

During this phase, every challenge we experience contains the potential to spark our latent ingenuity, intuition, and inspiration. These experiences, when successfully navigated, help us slowly become consciously aware of our divine nature once again. Over the course of many lifetimes, the personality slowly gains the ability to work consciously as a loving creator in the universe serving only the highest good of the whole.

It's helpful to keep in mind, a human being is son to the Monad and father to his own thoughts. So our thoughts are our "sons." When they are loving, unified, and holy (meaning they include everything and everyone,) they extend the same life, love, and creative intelligence as their father (the personality) and are therefore real because they remain connected to the lifestream and creative purpose emanating from God the Father. When our thoughts prevent us from connecting lovingly with the life of every soul around us, they don't function as sons in the creation - they function only as illusions. This is because unloving, judgmental, and fearful thoughts can't extend love because they lack love. Anytime we experience a deep unconditional love for everyone, we create more living love in the universe; that living love is eternal and limitless and able, in turn, to produce more love. Everything else is a lesson in what its like to attempt live without an awareness of love.

As the mind evolves, so do our forms of expression. Like the moon reflects the light of the sun, matter reflects back to us what we shine upon it with the light of our mind. As we clear away the clouds we’ve created with our fearful wrong-mindedness, a new reality is reflected back. When the mind is full of peace, love, joy, and brotherhood, the forms we create will reflect this back to us.

The evolutionary phase comprises the majority of our incarnations and develops over many thousands of lifetimes.


Ascension is the process of liberating the conscious lifestream of the personality from the subjugation of the material forms its manufactured. This liberation process opens up as the personality yearns to return to a unified state of beingness. A rising awareness emerges in the mind that there has be a better way to live and we begin to seek it out. Ascension is like unwinding the massive reals of film in the mind that have veiled and obscured the light of the Spirit. It also involves decentralizing the sense of self out of the body and back into the eternal spirit.

This phase of the evolution of consciousness is much shorter than the previous phase. It entails reunification with increasingly higher and more inclusive states of awareness, creativity, and beingness. Keep in mind the Monad is not individual in the way a human personality experiences itself. The Monadic level of identity is aware of its participation in the whole Creation and experiences only the interconnectivity and oneness of all life. At the completion of the human incarnational cycle, the evolving Monad arrives at a new level of creative power and works at a new level in the universe.

The Ascending Sonship

The evolution of human consciousness within the Monad is only one step within a long career of creative expansions. Once humanity as a whole is able to fully reveal our divine nature, this world will serve as a beautiful station of light and love in the larger system we exist within until its evolutionary purpose is fulfilled. Christianity calls this the revelation of heaven on Earth. A Course in Miracles calls this the revelation of the real world - a world that accurately reflects the unity, love, and intelligence of the universe. Both the Course and the esoteric teachings of the Ancient Wisdom tradition of the East explain that once the real world is fully experienced, all focus on the material realms will fall below the threshold of our awareness. The Monadic level of deity expression will be free to continue to grow and evolve on higher planes of the Cosmos.

This worth pondering because it helps us realize the importance of moving our sense of identity out of our forms and back into the eternal spiritual nature of our being. Remembering that Spirit is eternal and formless, and forms are merely mediums of expression that exist in time and space and are not eternal is vital to the evolution of human consciousness. Spiritual awareness is awakened in human beings through our experience of the effects of our ideas. Through these effects, we learn the difference between ideas that reveal our true nature and those that do not. As this happens, human beings are increasingly able to reveal the divine Self in the world. In terms we can recognize, this means old ideas, old ideologies, and old social norms will be destroyed as the indwelling spirit is freed to embody higher ideas and develop new modes of interaction that better serve the Monad's divine purpose.

I mention this process of abstraction out of material form because it's vitally important to realize that forms are not the basis of life, they are a reflection of life. We must be willing to let them go and move our awareness out of them or they become a prison. Clinging to our form identity and our limiting ideas creates stuckness where no growth, no liberty, and no further evolution can occur. And worse, it creates fear. Fear causes the mind to become crystallized and brittle, no longer able to contribute to the creative process of life. The human spirit, whether considering it at the Monadic level, the soul level, or the incarnated personality level is the artist, not the canvas and the paint. The art reflects back to the artist the quality of his thinking but can never take the place of the artist as an identity. This freedom to create and destroy forms is essential to the evolutionary process and in no way negates the eternal, immortal, and perfect nature of spirit, but instead validates it.

Summing it Up

The creativity of the Monad works in the same way as its Creator—it is distributive, synthesizing, expressive, and evolving. The Monad encompasses and is the source of life, will, and intelligence behind all human experience. On its own level of being, the Monad is the Father of the soul and all incarnated personalities he generates within Himself. The soul and incarnated personality levels of being, exist on the lower three subplanes of the Cosmic Physical Plane. The personality uses material forms to express and learn about the creative process and consciously activate the soul's divine potential. Eventually this process is reversed. First, the personality merges with the soul to become a soul-infused personality. From there, over a series of ascending expansions of conscious awareness the soul-infused personality merges back into the Monad and the Monad is free to take its next evolutionary step in the universe.

Figure 1

Figure 2

[1] Quantum Physics: Double Slit Experiment & Consciousness


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