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Reconnecting with Spirit Leads to True Healing

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Integrative wellness involves reconnecting with Spirit in a personally meaningful way. This connection instigates a healing journey that involves the whole person. A journey that moves us toward an integrated energy matrix that is balanced and coordinated physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Because all of these aspects of ourselves are interrelated, problems in one area typically leads to problems in other areas as well.

One of the things I do as a spiritual counselor, teacher, and healer is help people uncover the underlying issues behind repeating patterns of limitation in their lives. I have developed tools and techniques that help individuals understand what is at the root of the problem or challenge they are facing. This enables people to change the results of the creative process at work in their lives.

To understand this we need to back up a little and first understand the nature of who we truly are and the creative process we are involved in. This involves understanding that first and foremost we are Spirits, not bodies. We are non-physical creative entities creating forms (or bodies) within which we can experience and master the three primary creative forces we are comprised of: divine will, love-wisdom, and active intelligence.

In the physical world, we create and inhabit three energetic bodies of consciousness that work together to help us develop our spiritual potential:

The mental body

The emotional-astral body

The physical-etheric body

These energetic bodies interpenetrate one another and animate, or give life to the dense physical body. How well these energetic bodies are working determines our overall wellbeing.

A powerful first step towards experiencing integrated wellness involves changing the belief system we live within and moving into this realization that we are immortal beings.

Try sitting with the following statements for a moment and see what comes up for you.

  1. I have a physical body, but I am not my body.

  2. I have emotions, but I am not my emotions

  3. I have thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, but I am not my thoughts, ideas, or beliefs.

  4. I Am Will – I am creative Intention, I am the Initiator, the Igniter, the One who Creates.

  5. I Am Love-Wisdom – I express and interact with others through giving and receiving. I am radiant and magnetic.

  6. I Am Active Intelligence – I build, I create the playgrounds and forms needed to activate my divine potential and express divine will and love. I am divine Mind, Intuition, pure thought, the Executor of the Plan.

As divine beings, we were created out of the exact same stuff as That Which Created Us. Together, we co-created the material universe to activate, develop, and master these three primary creative forces. How did we forget this?

Long story short, in the beginning we remembered who we were and our relationship to the forms we made. But, over time we slowly forgot. We fell in love with our creations and began to identify so completely with them that we forgot we were the ones who made them in the first place and why.

Creative Visualization

Imagine you are a playwright and you write the most incredible play. It sounds so exciting and wonderful that you decide you want to play the leading role every night. This is so compelling that you completely immerse yourself in the role and play it over and over again until finally reality begins to blur. Over time you forget that you authored the play and invented the character you inhabit. In your mind, the play becomes your reality and the character becomes your identity. At first this is fun, challenging, and rewarding. You learn new things about yourself as you try new approaches, different deliveries, and work with different people along the way.

In time, though, you find yourself stuck in a limited reality where the same old things happen over and over again and what was once exciting eventually feels limiting. What was once challenging feels imprisoning, and what was once exhilarating is exhausting. This continues for a great long time until you finally become so unhappy and so disillusioned that you are finally willing to question your reality – and you are willing to do whatever it takes to change it.

Things get really interesting once you become willing to lose the self you think you are in order to find the Self you truly are. When this happens, it is good news even though it is very painful. You’re unhappiness provides you with the necessary motivation to begin the challenging process of remembering who you really are and reestablishing your true identity as the creator of your reality. This process of awakening leads to your emancipation from delusion and ultimately results in a new reality that is truly transformational.

Integrative wellness is all about synthesizing what we’ve learned over the course of our evolution. In the process, we must let go of many things we’ve believed in for a long, long time. It is a path of forgiveness and compassion for ourselves and others and involves sorting, remembering, letting go, and steadfastly turning our consciousness back over to our internal Source. As we awaken from our delusions, we heal the distortions that cause the dis-eases and dysfunctions we experience physically, emotionally, and mentally. We learn how to change our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, and direct our creativity in accordance with the greater will of the Creator we are all an integral and inseparable expression of.

Healing Exercise:

Repeat the following mantra (given to us by the Ascended Master Djwal Khul in the Alice Bailey books) three times every morning when you wake up and every night just before you go to sleep.

I Am Spirit

I Am Light Divine

I Am Love

I Am Will

I Am Intelligent Design

Create the intention of becoming aware of changes that take place within you as you say the mantra and as the week progresses. Be open to seeing things in a new way and to remembering.

Thank you for your interest in integrative wellness. Please spread the word to others who might share this interest.


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