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New Answers Await Our Call

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

I find that the COVID-19 pandemic has become a time of worldwide personal growth and heightened creativity. Finding myself in such unfamiliar waters has subdued my tendency to immediately think I have an answer and strengthened my desire to remain open to the unknown. Instead, I seek change, higher instruction, and transformation. I have learned that this is the hidden gift latent within any crisis.

A crisis is a wake-up call – a perceived condition of instability, danger, or upheaval that leads to a decisive change. The way we work with crisis greatly determines the quality of that change. If we navigate the situation with fear, anger, and resistance, we create a change for the worse. Instead, if we turn the situation over to the higher spiritual perspective in the mind, we open to healing, love, and correction in the mind. This leads us to create a change for the better.

The love-centered spiritual vision must be consciously chosen for us to perceive it. We must will the correction, guidance, and healing take place. That means we must actively participate in our healing by honestly facing our fears with equanimity and deliberately choosing to allow our thinking to change.

Right now, the COVID-19 crisis is surfacing our deepest fear in the form of three seemingly irreconcilable issues.


A rapidly spreading viral disease.

Impending economic devastation.

Expanding authoritarian governmental policies.

Underlying Fear

Fear of death.

Fear of scarcity or lack.

Fear of powerlessness.

What is the root?

Some people find themselves equally concerned with all three issues. Others are enmeshed more heavily in one issue over the others. Initially, these seem irreconcilable. And in the level of mind that perceives them, they are. But, all three have the same lowest common denominator: fear. They are, in essence, one delusion presented in three conflicting forms. The universal antidote comes from the Holy Spirit within each of us. This level of awareness heals the underlying fear by returning the mind to love. From there, the forms are able to shift and resolve.

What I’ve learned through my study of A Course in Miracles is that all the various forms that fear takes in this world are equally unreal. Fear does not exist in the Mind of God and so it does not exist in the Creation. So why do we experience it? Because we are free to believe whatever we want. We can’t make our illusions cosmically real, but we can perceive them as real if we choose to believe they are real.

This is where the power of choice comes in.

This crisis can be our wake-up call if we choose. The fact that the three main issues are irreconcilable at the ego level of problem solving can catalyze a movement into the higher mind if we choose the Spirit as our guide.

Underneath all the politics, drama, and trauma lies the fact we have never come to terms with the psychological cost of our delusional paradigm of the world: Our belief in separation from God and one another. We believe we each have a life and a mind that is separate from God and from one another, full of our own wants, needs, and desires. We believe that our bodies are the source of our life, our consciousness, and our identity. Consequently, we have a deep, abiding fear of death, scarcity, and powerlessness. Three different faces of the same separation delusion. And all three are a call for love. To heal our world, then, we must first heal our minds. We must turn every fearful, angry, and judgmental response that arises over to love for correction. Not the easy, romanticized, limited, and conditional love the ego dreams about. But the universal, unconditional love of the Spirit within us all.

Tools and Suggestions

For myself, as negative reactions come up, I acknowledge they're controlling my reality and I empower myself to choose again. Every time I choose love, I make better decisions and the quality of my life improves.

I can’t tell you how to resolve the fears that are driving this crisis. But, I can encourage you to look for new answers from a higher Source within your mind that will lead you to peace. I use a meditation technique that I call “putting myself on the I-don’t-know bench.” I picture myself on the bench in a place that is filled with light. I sit there until I can tune into the loving Presence of God all around me. I turn my situation over to this Presence and I ask for guidance, for healing. Sometimes my mind is quickly filled with a response; my perception changes or my pain recedes and I am able to take my next step. Other times, I need a little more time. I need to process some things, go about my day, and allow the response to ease its way into my awareness. But, it always leads me to a better way of moving forward.

I trust that there is a divine plan that withstands everything. A plan that is deeply embedded in our higher mind waiting for us to choose it, and to listen to it. Each person that does so, adds to the collective choice. Every single person who chooses to listen and to act from love, and seeks out only that which unifies us, tips the balance toward planetary healing.

You can have peace, joy, and love whenever you choose it. In fact, that’s the only way you can have it. I can’t choose it for you, only for myself. But when we both choose it, we share it and it grows exponentially, assisting in healing our interdependent world.

How COVID-19 is Serving Us

We’ve been out of balance for a long time. We’re constantly barraged with sensory data 24 hours a day, much of it highly sensational, titillating, and base. Fearful, competitive, and scarcity thinking serves as the subconscious baseline motivation for so much of what we do and how we interact as a world. This has precipitated an undercurrent of psychological crisis ranging from chronic low-grade anxiety to full-blown aggressiveness and paranoia. We’ve continued to turn a blind eye on the damage we cause one another and our planet with the excuse that we’re powerless to change anything and too busy anyway taking care of our own needs. Until now, as a whole, we’ve failed to avail ourselves of the healing opportunity inherent in our inner psychological crisis – the wake-up call to change.

Now, we’re not too busy. Now, the Earth has a chance to breathe a little and repair herself. Now, we see how interconnected and interdependent we are. Now we know that what happens in another country affects us and vice versa; we know that how we behave impacts others and vice versa. We’re beginning to see that we are all a part of one larger, shared world. We are one humanity. And, we need all of us to be well. I’m interested in seeing how we come together as humanity to determine what’s next for us globally.

That is how I see the COVID-19 experience serving us now. Allowing us some time to sit on the I-don’t-know bench and welcome a new way of moving forward. I don’t know how or when we’ll step out of the SIP. I don’t have a crystal ball that shows me how it all will look. What I do have is faith. I trust that God is present within all of us and within the situation. I am already being guided one step at a time and I trust that you will be too. I trust in the basic goodness in humanity because underneath all our craziness lies the sanity of our indwelling Spirit. I trust because I know we all exist within a loving Presence that connects us all. Our next step lives within us all and we will access, anchor, activate, and actuate it together.

My wish is that we use this stage well to take stock and replenish our inner wellness.

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