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How to make COVID-19 a Spiritual Time

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

These days are unlike any other time in our lives. With increasing rates of COVID-19 in most parts of the globe, we’re feeling the impact. No matter the exact effects this pandemic has in your life, the uncertainty, loneliness, and worry are on high.

Yet as a spiritual counselor, I believe people can uncover a greater truth to their stories and experiences. While this is certainly a challenging time, there is much good that can come out of it if we’re willing to do the inner work. Taking positive steps can help you achieve inner peace, unconditional love and joy no matter what the external circumstances are. And this is one of the most important lessons we can learn about ourselves individually and collectively at this time. Unlike any other time in recent history, we have the time to sit still, think, reflect, pray, learn, and evolve our consciousness into a more humane, loving, collaborative, healthy shared reality.

Here are my top 9 tips for turning your time at home into a positive spiritual experience.

1. Turn off the news!

Trust me, you’ll get the information you must-have when you need it. If you must have some news, limit yourself to no more than 30 minutes and work your way down from there. Think of it as working as an addiction in your psyche. Fear stimulates the adrenal glands, which release hormones into your system. You get a momentary high. But your heart rate and your breathing are also affected along with your mood and your mental outlook. This quickly becomes toxic to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. A little bad news is stressful enough. A constant barrage of bad news lowers our intelligence, our immune system, and our ability to respond with love, kindness, compassion, and justice.

2. Get grounded with a daily meditation

Grounding is essential to the health and wellness of our entire energetic system and is particularly important in stabilizing and balancing the first chakra, which is the energy center having to do with the survival of the physical body. Bodies are made up of electromagnetic energy. When the body is overcharged or undercharged we become unwell. Grounding the electromagnetic field of the body and being enables us to release pent up energy and reset and balance our energy system promoting wellness.

Here's a simple daily grounding meditation

  • Using creative visualization, direct the mind to create a stable line of energy extending from the base of the spine down into the center of the Earth. This grounding cord works just like the third prong on an electrical cord – it allows energy to release into an energetically neutralizing medium.

  • Give your body permission to let go of tension and welcome a feeling of relaxation. Breathe deep and release.

  • Give your emotions permission to let go of anxiety and welcome peace. Open your heart to an influx of love. Continue to breathe deep and release as you go.

  • Give your mind permission to let go of obsessive worry and fear; invite serenity and stillness to fill your awareness. Open your mind to an infusion of light like a beautiful sunrise. Use the breath to encourage a deep release.

  • When you feel ready, imagine an enormous golden sun above your head filled with your highest creative essence, unconditional love, and higher awareness of the limitless eternal life within you. Pull this sun down into your energy body until you’re completely full. Open your eyes and come out of trance.

Lead yourself through a grounding meditation each day. Or, find a guided grounding meditation that you like. I have several on my YouTube channel, including this one I made specifically for providing calm during COVID-19.

3. Get musical

Dancing, singing, and drumming take us away from fear and into enjoyment. Turn on music that makes you want to get up and move! Dance until your heart begins to open, your mind calms down, and you find yourself in your body, in the present moment, enjoying yourself.

Drumming is easy! Find something around the house to use as a drum (a pan or box works great.) Start with a simple rhythm and begin to move with the beat. Add a chant to liven things up and get your creative channels flowing and your amusement up.

4. Create

Crafting unleashes your inner creativity and allows you to melt into the task at hand, leaving distractions and worries behind you. There are tons of arts and crafts ideas on YouTube and Pinterest using things you’ve got around the house. Free yourself to experiment, and get artsy! You can even take up a home improvement project, like starting a garden or painting a room yourself.

5. Learn something new

Give your mind something useful to do by immersing yourself in learning a new skill or hobby, or studying up on a topic that piques your interest. Learning keeps the mind healthy by introducing new concepts into the thought system. And, vitalizes the brain by stimulating it to process, organize, and coordinate data. With so much free learning online these days, the possibilities are endless! Maximize your extra free time to nourish your natural curiosity.

6. Develop a daily gratitude practice

Studies have found numerous benefits to practicing gratitude. Placing your awareness on the good, the beautiful, and the true changes your outlook, improves your mental and physical health and improves your sense of well-being. When we take the time to think about it, we discover just how much there is to be grateful for. Start by journaling one gratitude per day, and soon you will see how easily that list grows.

7. Perform an act of kindness

In times of crisis, kindness boosts all kinds of good feelings because it works from within and radiates outward to others. It boosts energy and self-esteem and instills within us a sense of purpose and connection. Here are some ideas: Call an elderly neighbor or single friend to chat. Reach out to a charity and offer a skill. Find out what your town needs right now and be a volunteer. Some services can be done safely. For instance, there may be elderly folks who need someone to do their grocery shopping for them. Or single parents who could use the same help now that their kids are at home all day.

8. Heal

Assess your beliefs. What you believe is what you perceive (not the other way around.) To experience happiness, peace, joy, and love, you need to believe in them and discover these feeling states come from within you. Limitless, eternal loving beingness is your natural innate state given to you freely and wholly by Source at the time of your inception in the Creation. But, this natural state is mostly overlaid by fearful beliefs and consequently ignored. Figure out what leads to meaning in your life. What fosters thoughts and feelings of love and brotherhood, validation and serenity? As you zero in on these things, begin the work of letting go of the ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that block these natural states. Become willing to change your mind about who you are as an individual, who we are as a shared humanity, and what you believe is possible. Until it first becomes possible in your mind it remains impossible to manifest.

Some ways to promote self-healing:

  • Get help. It can be hard to see your own blind spots, but not impossible when you’re willing to be deeply honest with yourself. Working with a spiritual counselor is helpful and now you have the time!

  • Write. Journaling is a great way to support this work. As you write down your thoughts, be sure to include the inspiration and intuitive guidance that comes into your mind through your inquiry process.

  • Study. Another way to support your healing is to get involved in a course of spiritual study that interests you. Learning new ways of thinking about the world helps us overcome our limiting beliefs and opens up whole new vistas of possibility. There are many spiritual paths and all of them lead to the same deeper divine truth of oneness, love, and eternal life. From the science-based spirituality of Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden to the spiritual-but-not-religious works of A Course in Miracles, Esoteric Psychology and numerous other approaches, to every known religious tradition, there is a path that will work for you.

9. Do my 7 Day Chakra Cleanse

Spend a week healing and balancing your chakra system. Work on one chakra a day starting with the first chakra. Do the mental, emotional, and spiritual activities listed for each chakra. Keep a journal of what comes up for you. Listen to your inner guidance and commit to a meaningful next step(s) to incorporate into your daily living for each chakra. Be sure to include a gratitude practice at the end of each day before you go to bed. Contact me for informational materials.

What has helped you find meaning and purpose during the COVID-19 crisis? Please share your ideas with us! Envisioning and praying that this challenge leaves us with positivity and good health soon.

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