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4. Cosmic Diversity within Unity & How it Pertains to Us

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

(Part 4 of an ongoing series of posts on the creative process of life.)

Hierarchy of Beings

Here on Earth, many people are familiar with at least two types of beings—humans and angels—but there are others as well. All the various types of beings in the evolutionary universes are manifestations of God, and each exists at his or her own stage of conscious evolution and at various levels of experience. All beings descend in one way or another from the original Paradise Trinity [1] and serve in the Creation according to their design and in alignment with God’s overall plan.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the very highest levels of beings within the Creation. The Supreme Being, as we just discussed in my previous post, is an experiential and evolutionary aspect of God that works within the entire Creation as a whole (at the Grand Universal level, or the Universe of universes.)[2]

Ancients of Days, Eternals of Days, and Unions of Days are a few examples of beings that exist at the superuniversal level,[3] and the nature of their consciousness is quite different from our highly individuated point of view. On the Tree of Life, superuniversal beings would be akin to the first main branches stemming off the trunk, or the first generation on the family tree. These mighty Beings have administrative oversight over entire superuniverses and work to establish the will of God in the evolving universes of time and space.

The Seven Master Spirits that surround the throne of the Paradise Trinity each oversee a particular superuniverse, and that superuniverse is greatly influenced by their inherent nature. Elohim and Tertiaphim are angelic beings that exist at this same level. The Avatar of Synthesis is a group consciousness that comprises all the levels of consciousness within our superuniverse that exist between us and the Trinity.

Another example of superuniversal beings are the Creator Sons, who create local universes and are akin to grandsons of the Paradise Father. Creator Sons have the ability to create local universes in the same way that the Trinity created the central universe. They possess the same type of spiritual ability as God the Father to distribute themselves into the sons they create in their own universes. A Creator Son functions as the Father in His own local universe, because He is the direct Father of those who dwell there. Bear in mind, that a Creator Son is not creating in isolation from the whole. Think of Him as one of many artists working together to reveal the whole.

It’s important not to confuse the idea of a hierarchy of beings with a hierarchy of worth or importance. Just as each cell is vital to the organ it reveals, and each organ is vital to system it works within, and each system is vitally important to the whole, all levels of conscious and creative activity within the Grand Universe are vital to the expression of the whole. I refer to the correlation with the body only to illustrate the principle of diverse function and activity within a unified whole. However, we are not considering forms here. We're discussing beingness and consciousness, which are formless. So, let's break this down into bite-sized chunks.

  1. There is one Son experienced as a total Sonship. The Sonship contains all experiential beingness. Every expression of the Son of God is an extension of the Father and contains the same life, will, love, and creative potential of His Father because they are not separate from Him. A son exists because the Father is in him.

  2. A son gains personality status from the Father when the Father distributes Himself into that Son. Thus, all potential for self-consciousness originated in the Father and is passed on to succeeding generations through the descending Sons of God.

  3. All sons are made of the same stuff as their father and can create using the same divine forces of will, intelligence, and love.

  4. Each Son is gifted with free will because God’s will is unlimited. Therefore, everything emerging within Him can only have the same freedom – the Father cannot give what does not exist within Him and limitation does not exist within God.

  5. The Son has the ability and freedom to use his lifestreams and his consciousness to express his creativity and evolve through his experience.

  6. A Creator Son is a full-fledged creator with all His divine will, love, and active intelligence fully evolved, revealed, and active. When He creates his universe, He is the embodiment of the Father for His sons, and He passes life and consciousness on to them from His Father before Him.

  7. Even we human beings do this. We pass Life on to our children. Our children have their own consciousness and evolve according to the use of their free will. But they gain Life through us even though the Source of that life did not originate with us but with God-within-us.

  8. Thus, all Life comes from God the Father through God the Son to the next generation of sons all the way through the expanding Creation.

  9. Each Son is gifted with the potential for self-consciousness and the free will to use it for the purposes of experiencing himself, but the Source of that consciousness came from God.

  10. Here at the lowest levels of self-consciousness, our sphere of influence is limited. As we learn to become more self-aware and activate more of our divine potential, our consciousness expands, and so does our sphere of influence.

  11. In sum, our world exists within one of the great Creator Sons as a part of His creation. Each soul has the potential and impetutus to evolve consciously. As we do, our awareness of the wole expands and our ability to participate as conscious creators working together within the whole grows.

So, a variety of embodiments of God extend from macrocosmic levels of beingness down to the mircrocosmic expression of a human being. Much like Russian nesting dolls, different levels of conscious creative activity envelop subsequent levels of being within the Creation. And each of these different types of being is operating at its own level of evolution but existing in service to the whole.

For instance, a Galactic Logos is a divine entity that ensouls and oversees the evolution of an entire galaxy or sector of solar systems. He is more fully evolved than a Solar Logos (an entity who ensouls a solar system) and consequently has a larger sphere of influence and is operating on a higher plane of the Cosmos. However, they are both mighty divine beings who operate at the Deity level of consciousness, and they work cocreatively to carry out God’s Plan. Using the body as a metaphor, you can imagine that a Solar Logos works as an atom or a cell within the larger body of a Galactic Logos. Looking the other way (into smaller spheres of influence), a Planetary Logos ensouls and oversees the evolution of a planet and exists as a cocreative atom or unit within the Solar Logos. Human beings (at our divine God-self level) exist as atoms within the Planetary Logos. This downward and upward chain of continuity continues from the Paradise Trinity all the way through the various levels of creation to us and back.

I share this with you because, for me, it helped put the universe into a whole-new perspective. There is just so much more going on than what we’re experiencing here as human beings on planet Earth. There’s so much to look forward to, and I believe knowing this can give us the incentive to awaken to our true divine nature and get on with the business of evolving our consciousness. But more importantly, the creative process of emanation or self-distribution is the same throughout all the levels of the Creation, so it is helpful to understand it because it also applies directly to us. This will become clearer as we go along. These are just a few examples of the great variety of the Sons of God that exist in the Grand Universe, and all these beings can trace their lineage back to the original Trinity, including us through our relationship within our Creator Son, which we will look at next. Various schools of thought have different names for these levels of personality and even categorize the levels slightly differently. However, the point is:

  • There is a hierarchy of creative entities or beings,

  • There is a continuity of interconnectivity throughout this hierarchy, and

  • Everything and everyone is contained within God as a part of this creative process.

Despite these distinctions in purpose and design, there is no separation from God.

Food for Thought

What comes up for you when you consider the idea of a hierarchy of beings and the resulting concept of multiple levels of Deity expression ranging from the Supreme Being and other superuniversal beings and on down to human beings?


[1] The Urantia Book uses this term to refer to the original Father, Son, and Infinite Spirit of all Creation. The Paradise Trinity exists at the center of the Grand Universe, and they are the First Cause and Center, the Second Cause and Center, and the Third Cause and Center. This means they are the cause of all creation and exist at the center of all things.

[2] Grand Universe: All That Is. The entirety of all Creation, all the seven superuniverses combined plus the original central universe that exists at the hub of the wheel of spiraling superuniverses.

[3] Superuniverse: There are seven superuniverses that spiral around the central universe. They are composed of a vast number of smaller local universes.


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