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  • Janet Myatt


Everything is energy! Our bodies, our emotions, our thoughts, our spirits – everything. As Spirits, we use energy to create forms to express through: physical forms (bodies), emotional patterns (moods), thought-forms (ideas, beliefs.) All of our forms of expression are comprised of patterns of energy.

How do we create forms? We create them by employing the three creative energetic forces within us – will, love, intelligence.

  • Will: The general capacity to have desires and act decisively.

  • Love: The general capacity to feel, attract, radiate, connect.

  • Intelligence: The general capacity to think, to be self-aware, to understand, plan, learn, remember, and communicate.

To keep things simple, let’s start with the understanding that energy follows thought. The Spirit is the divine architect of the three bodies of consciousness we use during an incarnation. The incarnated personality has free will authority over these bodies. As the Architects of such complex bodies we set an enormous number of important patterns into motion at the time of our creation and let them loop. These patterns take up residence in the subconscious mind and work on automatic pilot without the need for conscious thought. This is what keeps the body alive and running without requiring us to repeatedly think “breathe, breathe, breathe,” or tell our heart to “pump, pump, pump.” It’s what allows our cells to divide and our immune system to operate without conscious thought. The subconscious mind, then, is habitual and works automatically. Once a pattern is established there it remains “in play” unless and until we modify or eliminate it.

Of course this is good news! But, the subconscious mind is also the storehouse of all of our experiences. It contains all of our memories, values, beliefs, and attitudes. This means that to varying degrees old, forgotten, erroneous, immature and distorted thoughts, feelings, and beliefs continue to have an effect on us until we reconfigure them.

In this way, our divine blueprint is altered by our human experiences. As time goes by, more and more of our energy is running through our distorted or limited ideas and beliefs. These distortions ultimately lead to disease, discomfort, confusion, and a general lack of cohesive intercommunication between our energetic bodies and systems.

Spiritual healing involves breaking apart dysfunctional energetic patterns and allowing the divine blueprint to be restored. It also involves upgrading or transmutating our energetic configurations into higher forms as we evolve consciously. What all of this means is that we have to change the patterns our energy is running through in order to change our reality. This is an alchemical process: transforming energy from one pattern or form into another.

Exercise is a relatable, everyday example of how the healing aspect of alchemy works:

Prior to exercising our body, mood, and mind are in a certain state. With our will, we make the decision to go exercise. The process of exercise changes the energetic state of our three bodies (physical, emotional, and mental.) Our heart-rate and breathing accelerate, changing the oxygen levels in our blood. Our muscles begin to produce certain chemicals, and our bodies begin to release endorphins and certain hormones that affect our mood and change our thinking. As a result, the energy of all three bodies undergoes an alchemical change. When we are done exercising, our bodies feel vitalized and most often our mood and mental state are greatly improved. In this way, we are able to deliberately create an experience of well-being by undertaking a process that changes our energy from one form to another. This is a healing practice.

Spiritual (or energetic) healing works in much the same way. With our conscious intention we can invite Spirit to put into motion a series of energetic changes that in turn change our reality.

How do we do this?

First, we must create the intention. Then, we must learn how to communicate with our inner wise being – our Spirit. Spirit works within us through the energetic catalysts of intuition, illumination, and inspiration.

  • Our intuition (pure thought) heals our minds of the illusions (distorted thoughts) we’ve imprisoned ourselves within such as pre-conceived notions, prejudices, limiting or erroneous ideas and ideals, programmed responses and the like.

  • Illumination (pure love) heals our emotions of the glamour (distorted emotional responses) we’ve fallen into such as taking everything personally, rationalizing and aggrandizing ourselves through our emotions, allowing our emotions to define us.

  • Inspiration (pure intention) heals our bodies by releasing our fears and over-identification with form (believing we only exist if we have a body or a form of expression in the material realms.)

Each of us is familiar with these three qualities of Spirit to one degree or another. Most of us have experienced intuition which I define as a sudden, deep knowing that is pure, strong, and clear. We simply know something outside of a rational explanation.

Illumination is that experience of unconditional love and forgiveness that sheds a whole new light on a situation. When this divine force enters into our hearts and minds we feel a lightness of being and an interconnectivity with life and with others that allows us to be forgiving and compassionate. Illumination enables us to see the divine in all things, and allows us to shine our true light out into the world.

I think we’re all familiar with inspiration. When we are full of creativity, when we are experiencing a deeply expressive, enthusiastic, and/or focused outpouring of our intention, we are inspired. defines inspiration as, “a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul.” When we feel connected to this divine influence within us, we reconnect with our true nature and are able to create miraculously (that is, without distortion, dilution, or limitation.)

All of these divine qualities have an alchemical effect – they break up old, distorted patterns and reconfigure our creative energy into higher forms of expression. If our forms are breaking down or not working well, we can change them when we allow our Spirit to correct the debilitating patterns underlying the issue(s). In this way, Spirit is able to heal our body, heart, and mind.

To invite a spiritual healing we must:

  1. Learn how to reconnect consciously with this higher aspect of ourselves

  2. Ask for help (give our free will permission for the Greater Self to take over)

  3. Gently move our egos and biased thoughts, feelings, and beliefs out of the way by surrendering to our Divine Source in a conscious act of faith and trust in the divine order of things. (This can most easily be done by asking that the highest good to be served.)

  4. Be will to change our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, habits, moods, and even our very identities as Spirit moves within us and around us.

Spiritual healing calls us into higher forms of expression physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

In the physical body the healing process will often inspire actions, behaviors, and habits that produce balance and well-being such as eating better, exercising, getting enough sleep, and taking proper care of the body.*

In the emotional body the healing process typically involves (but is not limited to):

  • Letting go of past hurts and resentments through forgiveness

  • Releasing guilt, grief, and fear

  • Developing a compassionate nature towards one’s self and others

  • Opening up to unconditional love

  • Connecting with the self and others in an authentic, open way

  • Moving from emotional responses that foster or promote fear to emotional responses that foster or promote love and joy.

In the mental body it often involves:

  • Deepening and expanding one’s awareness of self and how the universe works,

  • Developing one’s intuition

  • Letting go of limiting beliefs, thoughts, ideas, dogmas, ideologies, and programming

  • Moving into an inclusive, expansive, freeing frame of mind

  • Moving from perceptions that foster and promote fear and separation to perceptions that foster and promote love and connectivity.

In all cases, a Spiritual healing breaks up old energetic patterns, which allows the released energy to move into higher forms of expression.

We truly are unlimited beings! As we awaken to our inner divine nature and learn to master the forces of our creativity, we experience new ways of living and being in the world. In the process we learn how to heal ourselves and others by reconnecting with the greater field of life and yielding the intentions of the small, limited self to the larger, unlimited Self.

Spiritual Healing Practices and Therapies

There are a wide variety of energetic and spiritual healing practices available in the world today. Here is a partial list of some I am familiar with. First and foremost of these is meditation. I cannot say enough about how important and powerful meditation is in transforming one’s life and setting about the forces of healing one’s body, heart, and mind.

  • Meditation (there are many different meditative practices – find one you like)

  • Yoga

  • Prayer and quiet reflection

  • Spiritual counseling

  • Channeled healings

  • Clairvoyant healings

  • Aura healings

  • Esoteric healings,

  • Hands-on healing, also called Healing Touch

  • Psychic surgery

  • Psychic reading

  • Craniosacral healing

  • Emotion code healing

  • Light therapy

  • Crystal therapy

  • Sound therapy

  • Movement therapy

  • Creative pursuits

It’s important to find practices and healing modalities that work best for you. If you don’t get good results with one, move on and explore other avenues. The point is to strengthen your communication and connection with the Divine Spirit within and allow the alchemical properties of intuition, illumination, and inspiration to flow through you in ways that bring about healing and transformation.

May it be with the blessing of the Divine-Within-All-Things that your healing journey be filled with wonder, excitement, and miracles ~

* I have one note about healing I would like to mention here. When we consider death and dying as inherently evil, we are out of integrity with the larger field of life and our Source. Our fear of death, which is really a rebirth into another form, comes from our over-identification with our physical bodies and our mental/emotional separation from Spirit. There are times when it is appropriate to heal the dense physical body to prolong life in that form, and there are times when the healing course is movement out of the dense physical form into the next. Namaste – The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you

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