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6. From Infinite to Finite

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

(Part 6 of an ongoing series of posts on the creative process of life.)

From whirling atomic particle to spiral-armed galaxy, the Creation Matrix is composed of the same pattern repeated across different scales and dimensions, uniting everything in one seamless dance, choreographed as one micro-macro movement ‘in sync’ with Itself. [1]

To move from the at-one-ment of Unity where all possibilities exist at once, into the limitations of form expression, the Monad must focus its attention on specific possibilities and make a series of creative choices during its downward arc.

Imagine you’re a bird flying in the air. Looking down, you can see the entire landscape all at once. This viewpoint is akin to the point of view of the higher mind; it’s expansive, inclusive and unifying – it can see everything as interrelated to a larger whole. Now, imagine you want to land somewhere. You will have to choose a specific place to land and focus on it. Forms are like this – they are limited and confined within certain boundaries. Consciously, you can experience a universal point of view; as a body, you must confine your awareness to a specific locus.

In our bird analogy, as you descend to your chosen destination, the specific details of the landscape become magnified and more pronounced. At the same time, the scope of what you can see becomes more limited. Furthermore, once you have chosen your destination, you have by default not chosen every other possible destination (for the time being.)


Let's work with the following analogy: First, imagine a borderless ocean of energy that stretches in all directions above, below, and beyond what your eye can behold; this ocean represents God. As God becomes active, a multitude of spheres of this same creative energy begin to form in the ocean; the spheres represent the Monads (the Sons of God.) Notice that what exists within and around each sphere is all the same, it's all God.

The Monad, being comprised of the same creative forces as God - divine will, love/wisdom, and active intelligence - has the same will to extend, create, and experience as His Father.

During the downward arc, or the involutionary process, the Monad extends Himself into more specific centers of experience (visualize smaller spheres forming within the larger spheres). This process of individuation continues as the lifestream of the Monad descends into material forms. In the lower three worlds, as attention is circumscribed within the tiny sphere of influence of an incarnated personality, the awareness of what is going on within that sphere is magnified, while the awareness of the larger ensouling consciousness diminishes. However, at no time is the life force within each sphere separate from God. And even though for much of the evolutionary process consciousness at incarnated personality level is mostly unaware of its interrelationship with the greater whole, the personality continues to be affected by the whole, no one is an island.

The ancient wisdom teachings refer to the awareness of everything within a sphere of influence as an isolated unity - the unit of consciousness involved experiences everything within itself as one whole experience. This is the Father's experience. The Son experiences Himself in relationship to all the parts within Himself (the isolated unity of His personal experience,) His relationship with all the parts within the greater whole (called brotherhood,) and His relationship with His Father. Our experience of our body corresponds to this. We experience our bodies as one whole unit of life, but they're actually comprised of trillions of units of life. If, for instance, a cell were self-conscious it would experience:

  • Its own internal experience,

  • Its relationships with the other cells in the body, and

  • Its relationship with the body as a whole.

It is through relationship that Father and Son experience beingness. It's an important point to ponder because human beings frequently lose sight of the second and third points. We become so wrapped up in our own internal experience, we fail to consider how we're impacting others and we truly struggle with understanding how we impact the larger whole.

Making Choices

During the descent, the process of choosing more distinct points of view limits our awareness to such a relatively small field of consciousness that we eventually come to experience ourselves as quite distinct and separate from the whole. In this way, physical reality creates a plane of existence that is narrow enough for a creative entity to manifest effects that feel individual—and from those effects learn about itself. Many choices are made in the process of creating such a narrow field of play. These choices lead us to focus on certain things at the expense of others, such as focusing on the lower levels of consciousness at the expense of the upper, focusing on forms rather than on energy or consciousness, and focusing on bodies rather than spirit. This focus gives us the ability to experience very specific effects, but it also causes us to lose our larger perspective to such a degree that we forget who we actually are and why we came to be here in the first place.

This is how we came to be in the position of misusing our creativity and setting our consciousness in opposition to the unified experience of God. However, the Holy Spirit quietly remains within us throughout our evolutionary career and never forgets who we are or how to return our awareness to the truth. On the path of return, the Holy Spirit repurposes the function of forgetfulness from forgetting God, to forgetting illusion. And in the process of remembering, we deeply appreciate and understand what we are regaining for having experienced the loss of it.

Guided Meditation

Before closing your eyes, take a look at the diagram and allow yourself to ponder it a bit. Don’t take too long, just long enough to tap your intuition.

Start by sitting quietly in a chair and focus on your breathing. Begin to move your awareness out of your body identification and into the breath. Allow yourself to see light within you, and grow that light with each in-breath until your entire body is filled with light. Begin to think of yourself as being the Light, and move your awareness more deeply into it.

Now, repeat the mantra below at least three times, calmly, slowly, and with enthusiasm and certainty:

I Am the Light of God

I Am the Love of God

I Am the Power of God

I Am the Presence of God

Wherever I Am, God is, and all is well [2]

Imagine your consciousness beginning to expand out of the confines of your daily experience. Imagine the soul within you and let this level of awareness take over. The soul is present throughout every human lifetime and is the repository of all of your loving experiences. After a while, expand into what you imagine the Monad might be like. This level of beingness is not concerned with individual incarnations - it exists at the planetary and larger solar-systemic level of being. Continue to use your imagination to extend outward into the point of view of the sun of our solar system. Next, into the central sun of our galaxy, and then into the central sun of our universe. Notice that every stop along the way is contained within the next larger expansion and adds to it. Don’t worry about how to do it or if you’re doing it right - let your imagination and intuition take over.

Notice that you can travel in an upward spiral as you move from one ring into the next and ponder what that point of view might be like. Allow your imagination to create beautiful scenes that draw you in. You may notice a beautiful being of light and love welcoming you, or a landscape made of light, or an image of millions of stars spreading out all around you. Whatever you notice is just right.

At each stop along the way, ask for insight and for your mind to be healed of any sense of separation or aloneness.

You may eventually drift off and feel as though you’ve gone unconscious. That’s OK. That’s normal. Our minds can only expand so much at any given time, and it takes practice and persistence to build a bridge of consciousness into the higher realms. Just enjoy your experience and allow yourself to feel connected to God. Notice that you and God are one and that as you move into successive layers within the creative hierarchy, you become more interconnected to all life in the Creation.

When you feel complete with this meditation, generate a strong intention for establishing a “new normal” in your mind as you return your awareness to your body and to the room you’re in. Intend for this new awareness to shift your consciousness out of limiting definitions of self into ever-expanding definitions. Take a deep breath and fill your entire body up with golden light.

(I have a variety of unity meditations videos available here on my website and on my YouTube channel. See links below.)

Summing it Up

You exist within God, and God exists within you. No matter what level of the Creation you are operating within, you are ultimately connected to all the levels of consciousness within the Creation through your superconscious mind. As you open yourself up to this understanding, you discover you are not just a limited human being living in a physical body but are also a divine being.

I would like to point out that the Monad is our personal God, our personal Source of consciousness and life. Through the process of ascension, we eventually integrate and merge with our monadic point of view once again and no longer know ourselves to be in any way separate from the whole. We do, however, take our power to manifest at the lower levels with us and remain knowledgeable about how to operate at those levels at will. As the Monad, we know ourselves to be God in action and are able to reveal our divinity in objective form. After that, we move through the higher planes of the cosmos, or the Creation. The Monads working through the human kingdom on Earth are all related to one another and work as one at the planetary level. We are a part of the larger ensouling consciousness of our Planetary Logos. He works cocreatively with His brothers (the other Planetary Logoi in our system) as a part of the ensouling consciousness of our Solar Logos. Our Solar Logos works with all His counterparts in the Galaxy as a part of the consciousness of the Galactic Logos; in turn, He works within His galactic group as a part of the consciousness of the Universal Logos or Creator Son.

Once again, I bring this up to stress the point that we are all interconnected, and that we have different types of consciousness (individual and unified) depending on the plane of the universe we are operating on. And mostly to stress how important it is for us to remember this so we can once again serve consciously, joyfully, lovingly, and responsibly in the Creation.


[1] Amoraea. Divine Human Blueprint Course Manual.

[2] My adaptation of the Unity Prayer by James Dillet Freeman.


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