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Quick Restorative Meditation

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Setting the mind and heart at peace and love.

Quickly reset your space with this 12 minute guided meditation.

In my experience, life goes better for me when I take time throughout the day to check in with myself and reset my space. When I start to feel stress or become aware of negative thinking, I stop and ask myself, "What is my purpose right now?" This helps me get clear on what I what I really want to experience and reminds me that I always have a choice. It’s always entirely up to me how I experience anything happening in my life. Other times, I take a few minutes more and realign my mind, heart, and body with a quick restorative meditation. This gives me a chance to deepen my connection with God to heal and receive guidance. When our life becomes a living meditation, we are thinking with God. We become empowered in ways that produce miraculous shifts in our perception and our experience of life.

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