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Meditation Reveals Empowering Answers to Life's Questions

Most people find themselves at odds with life when things don’t go their way or unexpected situations arise. We tend to find ourselves in a negative emotional state when others behave in a manner we don’t like or we are unable to manifest what we want. But the truth is, these negative experiences contain a hidden gift if we’re open to receiving it. I can’t tell you what that gift is because it will be different for each person and in each situation. But, there will always be an opportunity for personal growth in some form or another. We may need to learn to be brave or tolerant, to get out of judgment or learn something new, to let go of an outdated agenda and move in a new direction. Any number of divine gifts can be harvested if we’re willing to do the work of tuning into the higher loving Presence that exists within each of us. Phil’s story gives us an inside peek into this process.

Phil came to me several years ago seeking spiritual guidance. He was particularly drawn to my work with spirit guides and angels. Though he was unfamiliar with the Ascended Masters, he was open to receiving guidance from these high-level teaching and healing beings and we began to work together on a regular basis.

In the beginning, Phil was mostly looking for advice on specific questions he had about himself and various challenges that came up as we went along. Phil took in the concepts revealed during the session and worked with it primarily in his thinking mind using quiet reflection. Being a trained psychologist himself, Phil was already comfortable with the process of self-reflection and quite willing to challenge his ego and uncover hidden wounds and biases in his subconscious mind. However, he continually bumped up against a personal agenda that had played an important role in his life up to this time but was currently creating a block. The ego-centered mind could not resolve the dilemma because it could not see outside of it's biases and orientation. Consequently, he eventually came to understand that he needed to get serious about the meditation side of things so that he could develop a deeper conscious dialog with his higher intuitive mind - or the Higher Divine Self. Once he did that, our work together deepened and Phil began the arduous journey of what is esoterically called the Path of Discipleship, an inner spiritual path of spiritual growth that leads to awakening or enlightenment. As a result, whole new vistas of awareness began to open up and he became able to move through difficult challenges with greater insight and a growing sense of peacefulness about the process of life.

Briefly, there are two major fusions, or integrations, that take place on the path of discipleship.

  1. Personality integration. The process of gaining a sufficient level of mastery over one’s physical, emotional, and mental states to produce a fully functioning, coordinated whole able to successfully manifest the personality’s ideas and desires in tangible ways. The personality first accomplishes this through striving to fulfill one’s personal dreams and desires. However, once the personality’s personal desires have been sufficiently satiated, an inner longing begins to turn it inward towards the loving light of the soul and its divine purposes.

  2. Personality—Soul integration. The process of moving our sense of self out of the personality’s individualistic, self-centered point of view and agenda into the point of view of the soul on its own plane. If we come to understand that the soul on its own plane in the superconscious levels of the mind has a sense of identity that does not sit in the idea of separateness from the larger wholeness of divine Life, we begin to understand the subsequent struggle that ensues between the personality and the soul.

Both integrations take time (and I mean life-times of time!) and both are challenging. Modern humanity has developed psychologically to such a degree that there is currently a ton of information available on the planet at this time to help individuals working on the first integration. Countless self-help books and numerous role models are available for those working on this step. The second integration, however, is more mysterious to us because so few human beings have traveled this part of the spiritual path up to now. Consequently, this integration is extremely difficult for a good long while. And this is primarily due to the fact that the orientation and agenda of the soul is quite opposite to that of the personality.

The soul is anchored in an awareness of union and drives the personality towards recognition and remembrance of a state of at-one-ment with the Whole. The ego-driven personality, on the other hand, is anchored in a mindset of separation.The soul seeks not to serve the individual at the expense of the whole. Rather, it seeks to work through the individual personality to reveal God’s greater Purpose and Plan in tangible ways. This work is interconnective, unifying, and divinely directed. It generally presents as an urge to be of service to others along with a diminishing interest in purely self-interested activity.

The integrated personality provides the soul with:

  1. The mental apparatus through which the ideas of the soul can be received, interpreted, and organized.

  2. The emotionally sentient apparatus which makes these thoughtforms feel desirable or appealing.

  3. The physical-etheric apparatus through which the energy of life can flow into dense matter to create tangible action and results.

Phil was already a highly integrated personality when we began our work together. He had an enormously successful career and a happy marriage and family life. He had the mental and emotional stability needed to safely dig deeper into his underlying motivations and a strong aspiration to know God in a truly personal way. In his own words Phil shares:

Throughout my life, when meditating and praying I’ve had trouble clearing self-inflicted mental static to make room for the clarity of God’s “voice.” Janet and her compassionate, non-judgmental guides invite my awareness to a higher state where I can access my subconscious, challenge my ego, and realign with my soul…all of which have helped me make healthier choices, while becoming a better man, personally and professionally.

In time, Phil came to realize that the psychological battleground that exists between the higher self and the lower self was the deeper work at hand. This kind of work begins when we commit ourselves to journey back to our divine origins. It is incredibly challenging and most of us are not properly prepared for it as there is so little training in esoteric psychology (the psychology of the soul) at this time. Thus, it really is helpful for us to educate ourselves about this journey conceptually and seek out qualified help from a loving, trained guide. The work of the guide is not to tell the seeker what to do, but to stimulate the personality in such a way that the seeker strengthens their connection with the soul and discovers their own answers.

“I have a difficult time articulating how much Janet and her team of spirit guides have helped me transform myself at this critical time in my life. Catalyzed by the wisdom revealed in these illuminating readings, I have been able to better engage my challenges. The readings inspire revelation, without ever “telling me” what to do; always respecting my right of free will and responsibility for my decisions.”

Through the years, I have learned and discovered powerful meditative tools and practices which greatly facilitate this spiritual evolution. I’ve come to understand that humanity’s task at this time is to awaken to the consciousness of the indwelling soul and to build a bridge of conscious awareness from the lower personality up through the higher states of awareness of the soul into the overlighting point of view of Spirit —or the true Self. Having a conceptual, philosophical understanding of the process helps the rational mind better understand what’s happening and why. Having appropriate meditation and energetic tools and techniques is critical to the building of this bridge of consciousness.

“Ultimately, Janet’s readings give us a credible spiritual pipeline to life’s journey and purpose. I’ve never been more at peace, especially while life is tumultuous…In short, it’s the process, my process, that I’m forever grateful for…” Phil T.

If you too find yourself longing for the sanity of peace, serenity, forgiveness, and love, you may be ready to undertake the Path of Discipleship consciously. Meditation and spiritual study are the only way I personally know of to accelerate this process in a manner that is both catalyzing and healing. If you would like to know more about this topic please feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear from you.

Blessings, Janet

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