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Transmuting Pain to Joy

Isabella's Story

I’m not sure if Isabella knew exactly why she came to see me the first time. Someone she greatly trusted encouraged her to make an appointment and so she did. At that time, Isabella had been working with a therapist who had helped her get in touch with some very painful emotions from her past. This work helped her release some of the trauma she had stored from her childhood experiences of repeated painful and unnecessary medical procedures. But, Isabella had hit a plateau. She was aware of the trauma and had released her rage and fearful feelings repeatedly, but still felt identified as a victim. My job was to help Isabella come into meaningful contact with her Higher Self and bring her into a working relationship with the aspect of herself that did not sit in this story.

One of the greatest limiting factors we experience as human beings is the way we identify ourselves. We truly believe that we are our bodies, emotions, and thoughts. We honestly believe that we are our experiences and thus we are stuck with those experiences forever. They define us therefore they entrap us. But, in actuality we are That which has experiences — we are the formless one who has a body, the sentient one who has emotional responses, and the intelligent one who generates thoughts. All of the things we have —our bodies, our emotions, and our thoughts — tell about the quality of our thinking and feeling and let us know how well we’re using our innate creativity. But they do not tell us who we are. We are immortal spirits having physical, emotional, and intellectual experiences.

Why is this important? Because it helps us move our identity out of our experiences back into the identity of our soul. And this helps us move out of our stories! We can allow them to be done — we can write The End, close the book, and move on to new ways of thinking, feeling, and being. We can come into present time and use our creativity differently.

As Isabella and I worked together, she gradually came to realize that she could move out of her victim mentality. This liberation enabled her to work in a new way with her inner child. Rather than emotionally recycle through the trauma over and over again, she began to reparent herself. She took a step up in figuring out how to speak up for herself, ask for what she really needed, and forgive the past. A new kind of tranquility and inner peace began to replace the old emotional patterns. And a new level of empowerment arose within her. She began to understand that she was okay, she was inherently okay. This was life-changing as it allowed her to begin to trust life in a whole new way.

Isabella is still an emotionally-centered, sensitive person. This is a part of her experiential equipment this lifetime. However, she is now armed with a new understanding of who she is as a divine soul. This, along with the meditation and energy practices she has learned in my classes, enable her to access her higher wisdom and move through her experiences in an empowered way. She is steadily dissolving the habit of sitting in the old storyline and building a new way of relating to the world around her. One that allows for more love, forgiveness, compassion, and trust that all is well in her world.

It has been a pure delight to work with such a loving, sensitive soul and to see her arise out of a painful way of being. I have watched her become a catalyst for positive change as she shares her insights and speaks her truth with others, and forgives others their trespasses when they cannot hear.

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