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Opening to Change Creates Miracles

I first met Terry two and a half years ago through a class I co-taught with my colleague Kate Mackinnon on how to energetically restore balance in our bodies. Terry was already on a spiritual journey and was definitely drawn towards holistic and subtle energy healing practices. She became inspired to take my Chakra Class where she learned effective tools and techniques for connecting with her Higher Self, and how to balance and tune her energy bodies. From there, Terry began to work with me both privately in one-on-one sessions, and as a student in my other meditation, healing, and ascension classes.

Terry says, “Janet’s classes have helped me come to a better understanding of my higher-self, and have provided me with a spiritual grounding that I had been missing. When I feel an imbalance in my physical or emotional body, I turn to Janet for a one-on-one session to get back in balance. If my physical body needs a tune-up, Janet’s energetic touch is beneficial in helping move unwanted energies from my space. For help with my emotional well-being, I find talking with Janet is beneficial as she gets me to see things from a different perspective. Once I state my issues, Janet asks me questions to get me to look at myself more closely. Admittedly, looking at my own beliefs and behaviors, which are causing my issues, isn’t always easy. But, Janet’s understanding and heart-centered approach always has me feeling better by session’s end.”

Through our work together, I have found Terry to be a conscientious person who is open to change. Her growing relationship with Spirit has given her the strength to fearlessly question and reflect upon at what’s not working in her life, be it physical, emotional, or mental. As her soul connection grows, Terry moves beyond her biases, emotional wounds, and family patterns. She is becoming strong at taking ownership of her core mental and emotional baggage and detaching, making space for, and often forgiving the limitations of others.

“Janet has taught me to come from a more loving space within myself. Her insight and teachings have taught me how to get out of my own way, so that I can feel a connection with my higher self and create a more loving relationship with the world around me.”

Terry’s growth rose to the next level when she joined the Ascension Meditation and Healing class this year. What is so powerful about the class is that the energetic whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts. Together, the group creates a synergistic energy field that is so powerful, individuals and the group as a whole make tremendous breakthroughs in their spiritual awareness. In one of her comments about a healing technique called triangulation, Terry noted this group effect.

“I find when our group works with triangles, I can feel a physical sensation. My inner body seems to hum — it is like I can feel the energetic vibration. I don't notice this on my own, so I am guessing it is the increased energy with our group!”

The sanctuary we create in class has enabled Terry to safely share her insights and growth edge with others. It has been fun to watch Terry grow in this arena as she generously shares her experiences, often with her own unique brand of humor and humility that invites others to respond and share in turn.

If you’d like to learn more about energy healing, chakras, ascension, or connecting with your inner wisdom, please contact me. I’ll be happy to help you figure out a good next step for yourself.

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