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The Tree of Life

Here is an excerpt from my forthcoming book: The Divine Journey, A Guide to the Creative Process we Call Life.

I first posted this back in 2014 and now the book is finally finished and will be available on Amazon soon (I’ll keep you posted if you’re on my contact list or subscribed to my website.) Every day this topic is the number one subject searched for by viewers on my website so I thought I’d re-post it to make it a whole lot easier to find. I also want to let you now that I have a powerful Tree of Life guided meditation available through my store and I hope you’ll check it out. Enjoy~

The Tree of Life

The concept of the Tree of Life reveals this principle of differentiation within unity beautifully and simply and also shows us how there are various levels of consciousness within the Creation. Imagine in your mind’s eye entering a beautiful garden full of light and love. As you enter the garden you become aware of the Presence that dwells in the garden and you begin to fill up with a sense of returning home. As you look down you notice you are on a path that leads to the center of the garden. Follow this path until you come upon the Tree of Life – an enormous tree made of Light and radiating Love. This tree is the symbol of all Creation – it contains everything that exists. Sit down now at the base of tree resting your back against the trunk. Gaze up and notice all of the many branches and countless number of leaves on the tree. Recognize that each of us is a leaf on the tree. Notice that the tree would be incomplete without the leaves and the leaves wouldn’t exist without the tree. Be aware that at no time are the leaves separate from the tree and in reality they are not separate from one another because they all exist on the tree together as a whole. However, each leaf has its own place on the tree, its own unique point of view within the collective point of view of the tree as a whole.

As you look at the tree, focus now on the branches. Notice that there are large main branches coming off the trunk of the tree and smaller branches stemming off of the main branches. And, once again pay attention to the leaves and notice that they stem off of the smaller branches. Everything works together, but there are different parts of the tree and they each serve the whole in their own way.

In just this way, the Creation as a whole is multifaceted or multi-level in nature. There are creations within the Creation that all serve specific roles and functions within the whole. The tree grows and forms from the trunk outward in successive phases of creativity (from our point of view). The main branches can be likened to High Level creative beings that have the ability to create the smaller branches and the leaves that stem from them. In other words, they have creative input on how those branches form and how they work in the overall creation. At this very high level, these creative entities are all working co-creatively with one another and within the larger point of the view of the Creator as a whole. There is no delusion of a separation from the Creator or from the whole at that level, but, there is autonomy. As the branches get smaller, the individuation process intensifies and narrows yet all remains connected to the whole.

There is a hierarchy of creativity within the Creation. There are beings, or creative personalities, that exist in states of consciousness far greater (or broader, or more universal) than the consciousness we are familiar with in our daily lives as incarnated beings. In our example, the leaves encompass distinctly smaller, more differentiated points of view than the branches, and the branches have a relatively smaller point of view than the tree as a whole.

The point of all of this is: At the incarnational level of existence we have a relatively small and individuated point of view of ourselves and one another. At the same time, in cosmic reality each of us simultaneously has access to a much larger point of view at all times. Thus, it is really only a matter of focus. What are you focusing on in your life? The feeling of being small and separate from everyone else, or the bigger picture of God-within-you and how you fit into the larger scheme of things? What do you experience and discover about yourself, others, and the universe around you when you move into these different points of view?

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