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Our Higher Power Creates Miracles

Letting our Higher Power come into our lives and direct us creates miracles.

For those approaching the Path of Return, one of the most significant turning points occurs when we truly realize for ourselves that God is within us and within all things. Experiencing an intensely deep-felt connection with the Presence of God can change the course of our lives. Typically, when this happens, we want to strengthen this connection, and it becomes an important value in our lives. However, whether we know it or not, every moment of every day, God is present within us and within whatever situation, challenge, or experience we are having. Every idea, every thought, every emotion, and every action can lead us to God if we ask. This miracle may seem far fetched. We may wonder, for example, how a painful, negative, or unloving thought can lead us to God. God is always present, because only God is real. God is the life force and source of consciousness and energy within the entire universe. With our free will, then, we can choose to bring forth God’s thoughts and God’s presence in a situation, or we can choose to ignore it. A painful or unloving thought is simply our choice to ignore God’s thought at that moment. It arises from our pain, from our ignorance, and from our orientation in selfish or separative thinking. The mind can reveal, or it can divide. We have the choice to experience the larger God consciousness within us rather than remain invested in the smaller point of view of our separated self. We can always choose to turn our thoughts and our problems up to God and see what comes into our awareness.

When we are depressed, angry, or confused, we can stop and ask God to help us understand what’s going on. There is absolutely no point in pretending we don’t have the unloving, depressed, or angry thought or emotion. What we resist will persist. It is there for a reason—a very valid reason. We are in the process of learning something about the quality of our thinking, feeling, or being, and we are missing some vital piece of the puzzle, which God can help us discover if we ask. Our task in life is not merely to resist unpleasant emotions and pursue only pleasant emotions but to learn from our experiences and emotions—all of them.

Most of us greatly resist the fear, anger, and invalidation we feel inside. However, that energy has to go somewhere. It flows into our physical, astral, and/or mental body and causes disruption and imbalance in our lives. When we begin to understand that God is present in every situation, and we begin to ask God to show us the way, we begin to heal. And when we begin to think the thoughts of God and feel the love of God, we emerge from the constraints and neuroses of the ego. Let me quickly interject here that whether you call on this Higher Power by the name God or by some other name is irrelevant. What’s important is acknowledging that a higher synthesizing, loving, intelligence exists and that we have access to it through our hearts and minds.

I have learned from my own experience that finding God in all things is not necessarily easy or blissful. Finding God requires us to stretch beyond our boundaries, beyond our comfort zones, and often beyond what we think we can handle. At first, it can feel painful, scary, and overwhelming to the ego and to the body. This is when it’s helpful to remember to tell yourself, “Wherever I am, God is, and all is well.” Even when we cannot feel the Presence of God because we are in such a contracted, small place of fear, we can willfully turn our thoughts to God and allow ourselves to be willing to move out of that fearful place. We can greatly help ourselves connect with this higher Source of light, love, and intelligence through practicing a form of meditation that works for us. Alignment is a key factor in receiving what we have asked for.

With integration work, I have found that we can simply let go of some things. We can realize the error of our thinking and move into a new orientation without much trouble. For example, one day, I suddenly realized with my entire being that drinking Diet Coke was bad for me. I threw the Diet Coke away, and that was that. After spending ten years or so drinking one or two a day, I stopped drinking them and never looked back. For other things, however, we will consciously have to undo or unravel. In those cases, we’ve tied up a lot of our consciousness in the issue, and thus it has become central to our journey. It holds a divine lesson we came here to learn in this lifetime. For instance, learning how to feel comfortable standing up for myself has been a gradual learning process for me. And it is a theme that continues to teach me lessons, even though I have made significant gains. Remembering that God is present can make the difference that leads us to a successful breakthrough. By allowing ourselves to connect with our divine mind, we open ourselves up to divine intervention, to “miracles.” For instance, the right book or the right person may show up, and a new point of view emerges. Miraculously, an opportunity presents itself, a door opens or closes, and another one appears. Or we can have a sudden, clear insight that alters our perception and leads us to better outcomes. Remaining open to these kinds of divine interventions can bring about tremendous and powerful transformations in our life.

Here is an example from my own life. One day, I had a huge disappointment that caused me to feel completely powerless and taken advantage of. My chest felt tight and heavy, and that told me I was very angry. I developed a severe migraine, which told me I felt victimized and, again, powerless. I wanted to yell and scream at the people who had let me down and were putting me in such a terrible position. But, of course, I could not do this because I knew it would only make the situation much worse. I felt trapped and out of control.

This overwhelming feeling of powerlessness and entrapment provided the first clue on how to begin to move out of this incredibly painful place. I had to stop and acknowledge that I was not in control of the situation. “I have no control over this person,” I said to myself. “If she chooses to behave irresponsibly, and if she chooses not to honor her word, there is nothing I can do about that.” When I began, I still felt a lot of anger in my body. I repeated the statement several times until my body was able to realize the truth of what I was saying and finally begin to let go of the anger. I played out all the worst-case scenarios in my mind to their ultimate conclusion until my mind could acknowledge that I could not stop this person or make her do the right thing. I felt so small, sad, and completely invalidated after all I had done for this person. I wondered if I really have no other choice but to be a victim. I began to breathe into my body and seek out the larger lens of my higher consciousness. From there, I sought out the even-larger God consciousness my soul remains connected to at all times. I stated my intention clearly: “I am not in agreement to being a victim. I don’t know how to proceed with this situation. I trust that You do. I trust that in this vast universe of love and light there is an answer that will bring my highest intention to fruition. I will get out of the way and allow You to work Your magic.”

Throughout the day, as I would feel the hook of anger and helplessness make a grab for my attention, I gently reminded myself that I had control over only how I handled the situation and that I had no clear answer yet on what to do or say next. So, my job was to move forward with my day and trust that all would be well. Again and again, I turned the situation back over to God. I envisioned the problem as a ball of energy that I handed over to this Higher Power, and I said, “I’m willing to change, I’m willing to learn, I’m willing to see and do things differently to get where I want to go with this situation.” Every time my wounded inner child wanted to play the pity harp, I gently reminded her that we had a choice: we could grow the negativity and the victim energy, or we could grow the faith and trust energy. Then, I gently turned my thoughts back to God and reminded myself that God was “on it.”

An important element to this process was that I didn’t tell myself that God was separate from me. I didn’t pretend that some power “out there” was magically going to solve this problem for me. Instead, I strengthened my connection with this Higher Power, this Higher Intelligence, this loving Presence and allowed it to emerge within me and within the situation. I allowed it to take over while I managed my wounded self with continual reminders of what was possible. In this case, the less I did to try to change the situation, the better.

At the end of the day, God encouraged me to open up a discussion with my husband about the problem and get his input. This proved to be very productive and created a solid foundation for our intention to hold the other parties accountable for sticking with the original agreement they had made with us. This prompted my husband to speak to one of the individuals in a loving but firm manner. He made it clear that we were expecting him (and the other person involved) to hold up their end of the agreement and that there really was no other alternative. He did this in such a kind way—as he always does!

I began to see that all we had to do was move forward with the original agreement and trust that everything would fall into place. The first miracle for me was that my husband also saw this and was willing to stand side by side with me in a united way. In the past, he would have wanted more definite assurance from the other parties before proceeding. The second miracle happened the next morning when the other person involved in the situation finally agreed to keep her end of the bargain and even thanked me for all I had done for them.

Once again, I had the opportunity to learn this important lesson. I cannot control the world, nor can I control the people around me. I can control only what I do and how I do it. Trusting in a Higher Power sometimes feels as if we’re “doing nothing about it,” but this couldn’t be more inaccurate. Trusting in a Higher Power means we’re no longer putting the ego and the wounded self in charge. Instead, we’re stepping into our true self—the self that exists within God, within a Higher Power, the self that is always cocreating within the larger context of divine love.

[An excerpt from my forthcoming book The Divine Journey now available in print and eBook on Balboa Press, Amazon, and Barnes & Nobel.]

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