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  • Janet Myatt

Ray 1 Integration Technique

Spirit that individualizes along the first ray will naturally exhibit a tendency towards dynamic one-pointedness, destructive willfulness, selfish power, a lack of love, and a sense of isolation to begin with. Once this type has become an integrated personality – meaning he is able to simultaneously control his physical, emotional, and mental bodies and have them work as one coordinated whole – he becomes quite powerful. But, this power is at first used selfishly. The ray one type is able to destroy and tear down all that stands in its way in order to rise in prominence and power, and thus he does rise but at the expense of others and of the good of the whole. (Please excuse the use of male pronouns as English has no androgynous form. We are talking about human beings regardless of their gender.)

Eventually, this dominating and destructive method finally brings him to a point of crisis that marks the turning point of the Prodigal Son back to his Father’s house. His antagonistic approach evokes the same from the world around him and he thwarted at every turn until eventually he is destroyed just as he has destroyed. This leads him to finally turn his attention outward towards the greater whole. He is no longer satisfied with material power and the accumulation of material things as he awakens to the knowledge of his divine nature, his spiritual being. He finally realizes that he is not alone in the world, nor can he continue to work in isolation. A change of direction occurs where he begins now to seek the center of his being, the heart. This prompts a change in method. He can no longer move forward in a one-pointed manner, but must learn to sit in the center of his heart and wait to feel. This develops a change in attitude as he learns to reach out to others and become concerned with the welfare of the greater whole. He learns to become inclusive.

Now, the ray one type can be trusted to do God’s will in accordance with the greater Plan. This type now knows how to employ his personal will in service to the greater good because he has learned how to feel and come to understand divine inclusive love. He no longer creates for his own selfish desires, but works in service to humanity as a whole.

Ray One 4

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