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Hi, I’m Janet founder of Janet Myatt Intuitive Services in Livermore, Ca and a licensed minister with the Church of Divine Man. 

As a spiritual counselor, I am passionate about helping people uncover the greater truth of who they are. I understand that an unlimited wellspring of inner peace, unconditional love, and joyful expression is inherent and natural within us. Integrating these states into our daily experience actualizes our true identity as divine beings in the universe. You don’t have to have a firm belief in God to work well with me.  Just some sense or budding belief in the existence of something within and all around us that is greater than the individual, and is the Source from which we all come.

In our work together, you will learn meditation and energy healing techniques along with an exploration of the new thought principles taught in A Course in Miracles, metaphysical and traditional psychology, and Eastern philosophies.

Appointments are available in person or online.

There are two key fundamentals to transforming your life:

Meditation and Spiritual understanding.


Meditation teaches you how to still the mind, come into present time, and to see and direct subtle energy.  Studying spiritual principles reveals how the creative process of the mind actually works. The two work synergistically together to help you access an innate higher reasoning level of mind that is gently corrective and unconditionally loving. This empowers you to choose how you want to use your mind and enables you to make choices that are loving, forgiving, and more productive.

My background


I bring over 30 years of spiritual study and training to my work. And, over 10 years of experience working with a wide range of clients from the beginner to the advanced spiritual practitioner.


Published author of The Divine Journey, Awakening to the Creative Process of Life. (Available on Amazon, Balboa Press, and Barnes & Noble in print and eBook format.)


I currently work with people from all over the globe providing:


My services are available online. Check out the class and services pages to find our more.


You can start to heal your life today! 

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