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"A holy relationship is one in which you join with what is part of you in truth….So in each holy relationship is the ability to communicate instead of separate" - A Course In Miracles

Every relationship in your life involves communication.  Sadly, most of us struggle with communication in one way or another. We don’t receive formal training for this critical life skill in schools. Consequently, our communication traits emerge out of our earliest experiences in life, and what was modeled for us by the people we interacted with most.  As a result, we frequently find ourselves in repeating patterns of limitation that are less than satisfying. ​

People often tell me they long to feel a deeper connection with others but something gets in the way.  Or, they can't understand how someone else can think or behave the way they do and this leaves them feeling alone, frustrated, and anxious. Others feel afraid to speak from their deepest heart, or ask honestly for what they want and need.  Time and again, people find themselves stuck in a conversational dance that loops even when the topic appears to be different.  Sound familiar?

The #1 Obstacle to Effective Communication

Having experienced these same things myself, I wanted to get to the bottom of it and discover effective ways to create real change.  I've discovered that the bottom line is that the way you perceive everything - from yourself, to others, to the world around you - literally traps you in a set of beliefs that has you playing certain roles and automatically employing certain rules of engagement that keep you feeling separate, disconnected, anxious, invisible, or unloved.​

Luckily there's something you can do about it! 

You can learn how to become the kind of communicator who truly connects with others.  A person who is able to be a catalyst for positive change. Who is able to evolve, heal, and grow, and allow your relationships to do the same.  Just wait and see what happens when you learn how to communicate from a grounded, centered, and expansive place that invites intimate connection, creative thinking, and effective problem solving to flourish.  

One relationship at a time, we heal ourselves, our life, and our world! I hope you join'll me in October to start this journey together.

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