Guided Meditation

Grounding & Running Energy

New Meditation Class

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Energetic Tool Box Sept 22 – Oct 27 In person and via Skype Learn how to meditate and work with energy to heal yourself, protect your space, and increase your creativity Information

Activating Divine Creativity

Manifest your highest intention

Law of Attraction & Repulsion

    How is it that in the world of the ego if we believe we are ugly for example, we succeed in creating a reality where we experience ourselves as ugly?  Let’s return to our discussion on the spiritual mechanics of the Law of Attraction.  Currently, the vast majority … Continue reading

Transformational Meditation Class

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This class includes an introduction to transformational spiritual teachings and powerful meditative tools and techniques that help us awaken to our inner wisdom and heal the body and soul. We will be learning how to clear, align, and synthesize our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of consciousness. This work instigates catalytic changes in the body, heart, mind, and soul that … Continue reading

Hands-on Healing


Using a combination of clairvoyant, esoteric, and hands-on healing techniques I to help individuals break up the dysfunctional and/or blocked patterns of energy underlying physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges or problems…. More

Keynotes for 2015


Alignment, Action, Visibility, Revelation. It appears to me that energy flowing onto the planet has shifted a bit as we’ve moved into 2015.  Starting in 2011 the focus seemed to be on moving people deeply inward.  A period of self-reflection, assessment, and reorientation arose and people found themselves asking hard … Continue reading