Janet Myatt, MA
Spiritual Counseling
Meditation and Spiritual Awareness Training
Public Speaking

Hello and welcome.  We have entered a time when the consciousness on the planet is evolving at an accelerated rate.  The inner call to awaken and to ascend is so strong that individuals who have previously been focusing on other things are now becoming aware of this inner hunger to return to wholeness, to reclaim the larger self and be reconnect within the larger tapestry of the cosmos.  Many people are feeling a deep yearning and a certain level of stress or confusion as this energetic shift becomes more and more active.  My calling is to be of service by sharing what I have learned along my own path.

Are you experiencing:

  • A deep desire for change in your life?
  • Stressed and overwhelmed?
  • Tired of having to compete with others rather than work co-creatively?
  • A feeling that something is missing?
  • A desire to experience and express more love in your life?
  • A calling “to do something different?”
  • Hitting the same brick wall over and over again?
  • A calling to awaken?

You are not alone!  Many people are feeling these things (and more) and are looking for a way to create that change, that new direction, that loving experience.  My journey in this lifetime has led me here, to this place, where I feel called to share what I have learned and  experienced.  I have developed techniques that can help you create a real transformation in your life.

My goal is to help you discover your divine self – the self that exists beyond the limiting beliefs and fears of the ego, the self that remains connected to Cosmic Mind, to God, and works co-creatively within God’s will.  This self is much larger than you can possibly imagine and is propelled by pure divine love.  When you live your life within the larger lens of your true self you begin to live miraculously.   This is because you are no longer separated from the interconnectedness of Divine Mind and the entire universe conspires to lift you up and support your vision.  My job is to help you uncover the primary patterns or blueprints in your mind that have created the illusion of separation and gave birth to the ego, or the divided self, while simultaneously calling in Divine Love so that you may reset your mind to your original Divine Blueprint.

Through the use of guided meditation and clairvoyant seeing I help you travel the pathways of your inner being and uncover your inner light.  I am your guide leading you further and further through the layers of beliefs, programming, and misperceptions that have blinded you.  As you discard these encumbrances you begin to emerge more fully into your life from the point of view of your divine self.  When this happens you find yourself shifting away from the old paradigms of competition, judgement, and scarcity which are based on a lack of love, and begin to experience the desire to work co-creatively with compassion and forgiveness in a world of abundance.

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