Law of Attraction & Repulsion

    How is it that in the world of the ego if we believe we are ugly for example, we succeed in creating a reality where we experience ourselves as ugly?  Let’s return to our discussion on the spiritual mechanics of the Law of Attraction.  Currently, the vast majority … Continue reading

Transformational Meditation Class

meditation lotus

This class includes an introduction to transformational spiritual teachings and powerful meditative tools and techniques that help us awaken to our inner wisdom and heal the body and soul. We will be learning how to clear, align, and synthesize our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of consciousness. This work instigates catalytic changes in the body, heart, mind, and soul that … Continue reading

Hands-on Healing


Using a combination of clairvoyant, esoteric, and hands-on healing techniques I to help individuals break up the dysfunctional and/or blocked patterns of energy underlying physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges or problems…. More Like this:Like Loading…

Keynotes for 2015


Alignment, Action, Visibility, Revelation. It appears to me that energy flowing onto the planet has shifted a bit as we’ve moved into 2015.  Starting in 2011 the focus seemed to be on moving people deeply inward.  A period of self-reflection, assessment, and reorientation arose and people found themselves asking hard … Continue reading

The Tree of Life

Tree of life - spring

The concept of the Tree of Life reveals this principle of differentiation within unity beautifully and simply and also shows us how there are various levels of consciousness within the Creation.  Imagine in your mind’s eye entering a beautiful garden full of light and love.  As you enter the garden … Continue reading

Identifying & Releasing Foreign Energy   


It was an interesting fall energetically. Many of the people I worked with talked about how difficult it was for them to ground themselves. This left them feeling rather out of control and vulnerable to unpleasant emotional swings and mental confusion. It soon became apparent to me that the theme … Continue reading

Transformational Living and the Role of Suffering


My understanding and relationship with suffering is undergoing a huge shift right now. As I think about each of us being a part of this larger project of redemption at the universal level, I realize that we have taken on suffering in order to transform, or transmutate it. As a … Continue reading

Transformational Living – What is it? How do I do it?

Flower of life mandala_JLM_4

Any experience that affects us in a deeply emotional, intuitive, illuminating, and/or inspirational way has the power to be transformative. When it captures our attention in a way that reconnects us with the greater field of Life, we are in a transformational moment. The veils between us and our highest … Continue reading

Alchemy – How the Spirit Heals Our Bodies


[Part 2 in Integrative Wellness series.  Click here for Part 1] Everything is energy! Our bodies, our emotions, our thoughts, our spirits – everything. As Spirits, we use energy to create forms to express through: physical forms (bodies), emotional patterns (moods), thought-forms (ideas, beliefs.) All of our forms of expression … Continue reading

The Gift of Non-Judgment


When we are distressed over another’s pain one of the most healing things we can do is to move out of judgment of their journey and radiate a vibration of loving acceptance.  This requires us to move out of our own pain.  As we configure our energy into a self-loving … Continue reading