Learn How to become a Conscious Creator with The Divine Journey


I’m so excited to announce the release of my book: The Divine Journey Awakening to the Creative Process of Life. A five year process has finally come to fruition! Learn How to Become a Conscious Creator~ We are creating our lives in every moment, but mostly we are doing so … Continue reading

People of Goodwill, take heart.


Stand Up with Love. We are one race. The human race. We are one world. We are all in this together. I was reading the words of the ascended Master Djwal Khul this morning in Alice Bailey’s book, The Rays and The Initiations.  His words resonate and have meaning for the … Continue reading

Post Election Blues Got You Down?


Are you feeling overwhelmed and anxious over the election results? You’re not alone. I had to employ every spiritual tool I’ve learned over the last 30+ years to get through the night and got very little sleep. My question to you is this? Is the amount of anxiety and overwhelm … Continue reading

Higher Power


Wherever I am, God is, and all is well.[1] For those approaching the Path of Return, one of the most significant turning points occurs when we truly realize for ourselves that God is within us and within all things. Experiencing an intensely deep-felt connection with the Presence of God can … Continue reading

The Tree of Life

Tree of life - spring

Here is an excerpt from my forthcoming book: The Divine Journey, A Guide to the Creative Process we Call Life. I first posted this back in 2014 and now the book is finally finished and will be available on Amazon soon (I’ll keep you posted if you’re on my contact list … Continue reading

Ray 1: Law of Repulse & Integration Technique

Ray One 6

As I continue to study the science of the seven rays, I am continually delighted with how helpful this information is in creating a new paradigm for understanding the psychological and spiritual challenges humanity is facing as we slowly awaken to a greater spiritual reality. Today I’m sharing two powerful … Continue reading

Ray 1 Integration Technique

Ray One 4

Inclusion Spirit that individualizes along the first ray will naturally exhibit a tendency towards dynamic one-pointedness, destructive willfulness, selfish power, a lack of love, and a sense of isolation to begin with.  Once this type has become an integrated personality – meaning he is able to simultaneously control his physical, … Continue reading

Ray 1 – Will

Ray One 2

RAY I – Will * Power * Strength * Purpose * Forward Momentum Ray one is closely related to God the Father. From the Father all things spring forth.  The Father is the Creator and Destroyer of form and the Bestower of Life.  This ray is one-pointed, focused, and dynamic, … Continue reading

Intro to the Seven Sacred Rays

Seven Rays for Posts

This is the first post in a new series I’m writing on the Seven Sacred Rays. Studying the Seven Sacred Rays gives us insight into: The nature and purpose underlying the evolutionary plan.  The science of the rays helps us understand the journey of the divine ‘Sons of God’ into … Continue reading

Crown Chakra – Healing

Crown Healing

A BALANCED crown chakra enables us to have a developed awareness of spirit and a highly intuitive connection with higher states of consciousness.  This person displays wisdom, and is disciplined, discerning, dispassionate (neutral), and decentralized out of the ego displaying an obvious awareness of the larger Wholeness of life.  This … Continue reading

Crown Center – Synthesis

Crown - Synthesis

The crown chakra is the center were the evolving human eventually synthesizes all of his or her life experience into a meaningful whole.  This process does not stop at the individual level of experience but expands outward to include a merger and synthesis with the greater field of Life and … Continue reading

Crown Chakra – I AM

Crown - I AM

The Seventh chakra (aka head center, crown center) is the gateway through which life and consciousness flow into the lower worlds.  This level of consciousness is the seat of our spiritual contact with That which is our Godself – the Monad, the divine spark, the Mighty I Am Presence, the … Continue reading

Chakras Energy & Consciousness on Voice America TV

Photos of S & J_white text

Would you like to know more about Chakras, Energy, and Consciousness? Join me  in this week’s episode of Suzanne Ross’s popular weekly television series, Lighten Up! In this episode I share how working with chakras is a vital key to manifesting what you really want. And I explain how my new online chakra class will … Continue reading

Ajna Center – Healing

A BALANCED Ajna Center gives us the ability to actively seek out higher realms of consciousness and knowledge, visualize abstract concepts, and see energy and spiritual beings. OVER-STIMULATION can show up as: problems with eyes, frequent headaches, memory and learning problems, delusional or fantastical thinking, mental illness and more.  Avoid … Continue reading

Ajna Center – Living the Ordained Life

2 JLM Instagram Third Eye Chakra Post

The sixth chakra and fifth chakra are highly related. High level fifth chakra activity is dependent upon the inner vision of the sixth chakra. The ajna center focuses the creative idea into our consciousness and inspires us to build what we intuit.  It is the revealer. The fifth chakra is … Continue reading

The Sixth Chakra – I See

3 JLM Instagram Third Eye Chakra Post

The sixth chakra, also called the ajna center is the seat of the soul and the inner ‘envisioning’ screen for the integrating personality. In its highest aspect, this center receives and focuses the soul’s intention to create and projects the vision to the personality.  It is the seat of our … Continue reading

Throat Chakra – Healing

3 JLM Instagram Throat Chakra Post

A BALANCED 5th chakra shows up as ability to express ourselves freely both verbally and tangibly.  We are able to speak our truth and ask for what we want and we’re able to go out into the world and make our mark.  The ability to listen and attend to others is another quality … Continue reading

Chakra 5 – Five Spiritual Abilities

2 JLM Instagram Throat Chakra Post

There are five spiritual abilities associated with the fifth chakra (how convenient!) BROADBAND TELEPATHY – This is the ability to communicate with two or more people without words. NARROWBAND TELEPATHY – The ability to communicate with one or two people without words. INNER VOICE – The ability to hear your … Continue reading

Chakra Five – Communication & Creativity

1 JLM Instagram Throat Chakra Post

The fifth chakra is located at the base of the throat and is the seat of our communication and creativity. It is the aspect of our self that converts our inner world into tangible forms – words, ideas, art, activity. The Sanskrit name is Visuddha which means purification. What does … Continue reading